Message Board Poster Asks "Can I sue 2K for false advertising?"

Just when you thought you had seen it all, poster wants to sue over All-Pro Football 2K8...

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SafeRat3712d ago

you can sue anyone for almost anything these days...

Tsalagi3712d ago

and the sad thing is with the right idiot jury he could win.

clownfacemcgee3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Look, if we just let everyone lie in marketing, then EVERYONE WILL LIE IN MARKETING. If someone lies, we have to say that that's unacceptable, and force them to correct it. I don't believe punitive damages would be necessary in this case, but I certainly would give anyone back their money or let them return the game, who felt mislead by the terms "240 Hall of Fame Legends" or "2K8." I mean the first is just an outright lie, and the second is extremely misleading. It's not 2008, just like car models are named 2008 before they're released. I don't believe the second alone would be good enough, but both of these reasons combined are cause for alarm that companies can do this, and we as a society, just poke fun at the guy and call him a loser. I know the article implied the guy could've looked it up on the internet, but am I really expected to look up 240 hall of fame legends? I shouldn't have to look into and confirm EVERY single one in order to trust that I'm not being mislead. That's what the FTC is for. To ensure that YOU are not scammed. And I firmly believe that as long as we are just calling this guy names and laughing at him, and comparing him to that coffee case then we will simply be condoning of corporate lies and propaganda. I know we're all gamers, but let's stop being so defensive of one of our companies, since this will ultimately be negative for the industry as a whole. Just imagine if next time you buy Halo, it says, "Comes with 240 maps!"

Bloodmask3711d ago

The statement of 240 Legends or whatever is just hyping up the game. People will do anything for money.

This reminds me of the McDonalds hot coffee incident. When the lady burned herself with hot coffee and sued McDonalds bc it didn't say caution hot on the coffee lid.

She won millions.


Nostradavis3711d ago

Yea but a poster on the 2K board just made a good point. It does not say "NFL HALL OF FAME" it just says hall of fame, and as long as the NFL doesn't have a trade mark on those three words the kid has no case.

FCOLitsjustagame3711d ago

Reminds me more of the Lawyer\Judge who sued a drycleaner for several million dollars because they lost his pants and they had a sign that said "satisfaction garaunteed".... yeah thank god he lost, now I wish he was forced to pay their legal bill AND was removed from the bench.

Anyway if I had the power to sue anyone it would be EA over establishing a monopoly. Put its not really a monopoly since people can make games like 2K did. Now if EA buys out 2k or otherwise forces them to go out of business then I want some sort of anti trust lawsuit thing because thats crp.

Monkeynator3711d ago

If they did not literally say what they purchaser was expecting, then the poster needs to count to 10 and take a breather. If they do literally state something and it is not there then the poster should at least be able to get a refund without resorting to suing 2K... Anyone saying it's fine to lie on specifications (not just marketing) is just contributing to the ability of others to rip us off.

BTW: From what I've read about the coffee case McDonald's knew there was a problem with the coffee being exceedingly hot. The burns caused by the coffee were also severe enough to be beyond something that I would expect reasonably hot coffee to cause... Actually barely drinkable hot coffee should still not cause skin burns of the severity the woman experienced so I don't blame the woman.

Premonition3711d ago

That line about sueing anyone for anything nowadays reminds me of GTA3 where you had a number to sue for anything.

gnothe13711d ago

I would like to SUE 2k also for making that crap!! I think the game ANIMATIONS LOOK FANTASTIC but everything else looks an plays like crap!! I think they took what was going to be NFL 2k6 an put it on the shelf(remember that was PS2,xbox1) now that they found a way to make a football game they brought it back out. this game screams last gen. an I hate its 60 dollars. if it was 29.99 or 39.99 maybe I wouldn't have felt so bad about it!!

daveman33711d ago

if he actually gets something out of this i'm going to buy all pro football and sue too

Nostradavis3711d ago

You should contact him and form a class action lawsuit. I am sure Judge Judy has could find a spot in her busy schedule...

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