A Look back at Rez HD

Retro Fusion looks back at Rez for the XBOX 360 - does it come close to the Dreamcast and PS2 version?

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dangert122797d ago

i loved this game its so addicted when i was playing it i found maself uncontrollabley bobbing my head to it lol

O_o looks left looks right

(making sure nobody seen this comment as im a sony fanboy and up there arse)

boyo2797d ago

I played it just for the visuals and the music. When I first got the game, I had no idea what the hell I was meant to do, by loved it none the less.

dangert122797d ago

its still a good game never played the over 2 version but i liked it on 360

TheROsingleB2797d ago

Why doesn't it come close? Hook up a dreamcast to an HD TV and tell me it is still better than the 360 version.
Please elaborate.
Is it because it did not come with the "trance vibrator"? ...

Dread2797d ago

it does not because it is for xbox live. If it was in PSN it would be superior.

Its just how things are here at N4G.

its hard to trust opinions when sony extremists have a clear agenda to attack everything xbox related.

Arsenic132797d ago

Yeah because making it look better but play the same is bad. I forgot about that logic.

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boyo2797d ago

Does it still sell for great wads of money on the Dreamcast?

Cajun Chicken2797d ago

360 version (Rez HD) is better. Optional filters seal the deal. No fanboyism here, it's just an overall better version and I do own a PS2 copy of the original Rez too. I wish it'll come out on PSN, but I'm not buying the same game 3 times and buying the same version twice.

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