6 Potentially Great Games that Were Overlooked at E3 2010

There were loads of great games at this year’s E3. Gears of War 3, Killzone 3... probably some other sci-fi themed shooter that ends in a number between 2.9 and 3.1. But among the usual suspects there were unassuming titles that look the absolute part, but were cruelly shunned in favour of gas masks and balloon-sized biceps.

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Anon73492671d ago

Project Dust looks like the only interesting one out of those 6.

Anon73492671d ago

I didn't know I wasn't allowed to have an opinion.

It's just that I could never get interested in something like Hyrdophobia.

I hated the first 2 assassin's creeds(I bought the second one after hearing so much praise about it's improvements over the first) so me being interested in the 3rd isn't likely to happen.

Shank looks horribly casual. This defiantly does not appeal to me. Maybe to a 13 year old.

I'm not interested in Comic Jumper either, because I don't like comics. I like games and the game mechanics do not appeal to me, nor does it's "humour."

Limbo looks like a really good title, but nothing particularly new mechanics wise. I'll probably end up buying someday on steam.

Oh, but thanks guys I didn't know my opinion was wrong. I guess I am interested in doing more repeat-quests in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

Sameh2671d ago

Glad to see Braid there. It's my most anticipated game of the year. Can't fucking wait for it.

Calneon2671d ago

You mean Limbo, because Braid has been out for ages.

e-p-ayeaH2671d ago

Potencially great not great better not hype these games

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Redempteur2671d ago

brotherhood was overlooked ? Lol Only blind people overlooked this title

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