Deadliest Warrior: The Game is coming to PSN

During a Gametrailers E3 2010 walkthrough of Deadliest Warrior: The Game Prithvi Virpsinghe the creative director of the title announced that the game is coming to the Playstation Network at a later date, the title is scheduled to hit Xbox Live Arcade in the 14th of July 2010 and will be priced at 800 Microsoft points, no PSN release date announced yet.

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King Hippo2921d ago

Looks like the 360 lost yet another exclusive.

CellularDivision2921d ago

Are you going to brag about every game 360 looses? Even if its crappy?
Thats an new low.

Anyways, the show is just "meh".

Scientist comes out. Indian weapons expert tests indian weapons. "Oooh aaah this so awsume check this out" Spartan weapons expert and trainer (wtf) comes out "that aint nothing check THIS out"

"told u we were better"

This show is for kids.

adamx2921d ago

sweet I was wanting to play this game, even though I have a 360 the dpad is pure crap for fighters. I will wait and get it on ps3.

Marcus Fenix2921d ago

the spartan is my most anticipated character so far, I wish if they've included the shaolin monk

2921d ago