Would You Buy a Game that Scored 7 out of 10 or Lower?

Is there a particular review score - a specific numerical limit - that automatically turns you off a game? Do you always skip straight to the number at the end of a review and if that number is, say, a 7 or lower, your brain instantly fast-forwards through the decision-making process and concludes that the game is not worthy of your money?

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IRetrouk2921d ago

depends on the game but yeah i would.

digitalivan2921d ago

85% is my lower limit on Metacritic. Yeah, i know, you shouldn't trust that much reviews but I don't see any other way since I won't buy games based on trailers.

Dramscus2921d ago

Too many times have I bought a game based on a trailer and then when I started playing I was very very unhappy with the product.
Thing is many times the trailer shows something completely different than the game, or focuses on a small part of it that is really good.
It's even like that with demo's.

Baka-akaB2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

sigh , to each their own , but you refuse to buy game based on trailers , and would rather listen to some random average from a poll of strangers reviewing the game , with their own set of likes/dislikes , bias , incompetence/skill , knowledge of gaming etc... ?

Would at least make more sense to only buy based on demos

PoSTedUP2921d ago

i like to give every game a chance. i dont go by reviews, sure their are games that i would buy no matter what. but dont miss out on a game just because its a 5 or a 6. i keep it old school, i look at the back of the case in the store to see whether i like it or would give it a shot (price has a lot to do with it also though). most games i missed i go back to maybe 2 or 3 years later. like now i just bought Clive barkers jerico and time shift because i missed those games and they were real cheap ($10 bucks or so). i just like to play games ya know. not pickey on which genre or how much the budget was...


poindat2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Let me tell you, you're missing out. Big time. It's sort of odd that you would rather buy based on someone else's judgment (usually influenced in some way) over your own opinion?

Live a little; take some gaming risks. You won't regret it. Too many people miss out on GREAT games just because they didn't do well in the reviews, and then some overhyped piece of garbage comes along, gets high reviews, and consumers are disappointed. Want to know why that happens? Because they purchased the game on hype and review scores alone.

Never trust numeric scores and never trust game reviewers, who are some of the most devious, unqualified, and untrustworthy "journalists" in the world. Otherwise, just use scores as a ROUGH guide, but never let them get in your way of considering a game. Your own judgment will always be better than that of a game reviewer, always.

Or just wait until it drops in price a bit and buy it then, that always works! :D

-Alpha2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

When I was a kid I went on the name of a game alone. And I was always so excited to play a game that I never cared about scores, or graphics, etc. I enjoyed games because I simply had the access to play them. Video games were new to me.

When I learned more about gaming and went on the internet more I saw a lot of games I liked as a kid got low scores like in the 50's, while others got great scores. Now, I have so much more knowledge of how to appreciate a game. I can actually tell good games from bad games from things like graphics, AI, etc.

I have standards now. I usually go with reviews to help me decide. However this is distinguishable from numerical scores. Always read reviews to get an understanding of a game. Trailers are good too, and gameplay videos are even better. For me I can't afford to constantly rent games, and I don't like renting games either. I do go by scores. I would buy games lower than 7, but I have yet to do so this gen. The lower the score the more cautious I get, and I find nothing wrong with that. We judge games in numerous ways if we can't play them ourselves, and though it may not accurately decide for us, they are good indicators to help us.

I can't afford to drop $60+ on a game that I may not like. This hobby is too damn expensive.

Christopher2921d ago

I have more than a few 7/10 or lower games that I've enjoyed. Alpha Protocol being the most recent. I'm glad I got it. It's enjoyable, even with all of its faults.

King Hippo2921d ago

I don't buy games based off of scores. If you're looking at reviews then actually read them rather than glancing at the score they gave it.

digitalivan2921d ago

Yeah i see many of you disagreed with me, but you gave me no good advice?

"Live a little; take some gaming risks."
Tried this a couple of times, the games sucked and my wallet was empty.
I don't buy that many games, usually one every 3 months, and i don't have the time or money to risk with games. On the other hand i was never dissapointed with games that recived good reception.
And I refuse to believe that a hyped trailer can tell more about a game then a review.

Wrathman2921d ago

i think the older you are the more you pay attention to reviews and scores.your more cash weary.i remember buying project dark zero(or wotever)and over g fighters at the launch of the 360.2 pants games.

now im highly selective.i think the last 2 games i bought were red dead and before that hmmmm fallout 3.

HolyOrangeCows2921d ago

I read what my favorite reviewers have to say, watch some gameplay videos, and investigate on how much content it has (Campaign length, multiplayer modes, etc) and then decide for myself.

I don't buy games that I consider "okay", however. At 60 smackers, I expect a lot.

iceman062921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I think that your Metacritic limit will severely hinder your gaming experience. If we were all judged on that scale in high many of us would have actually made it??? As for a solution, there are a couple. Game sharing is one. I have a group of gaming friends and we will actually send games to one another (we live in different locations) to try. It helps that our gaming tastes, aside from the AAA titles, are pretty different. Another would be gamefly. It's cheaper than a purchase and still lets you get the idea. Plus, then you could at least drop your Metacritic limit to 70!?!? LOL

Edit: Also, remember that the game is just as good a year later. Seek out clearance sales at WalMart, BestBuy, Target, even GameStop...I am usually able to get a title that I wanted at launch, but couldn't afford, for less than $25.

RedSky2920d ago

This is one obvious advantage PCs have. Pirate it, try it, and if you like it, buy it.

digitalivan2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

There is no game sharing where I live, and i don't live in USA. Since I buy games around every three months, there has bound to be games that had a 85%+ score. So you are suggesting that I should buy a game with 70% for no reason and take risks? Since I love all genres, without a demo, I can't decide by myself.

edit: of course i take cost into consideration, almost all my games are platinum

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NastyLeftHook2921d ago

Dark Sector is wayyy underrated, check it out.

games4fun2921d ago

if it was good.

Ratchet and Clank : Too much variety 7/10 i will not name the site

athlon7702921d ago

R&C: TOD was a great game. I even purchased and liked Haze (despite its low review scores). Oh, and I liked the dragon fighting game with the original six axis controlls (although the name of the game currently escapes me)

Dark General2921d ago

As I get older and inevitably play less video games I also buy less video games. Games that tend to score lower than a 6 or have certain flaws (short, frustrating controls etc) their priority gets shifted to the bottom of my "to buy" list. I'll still eventually buy those same games albeit later this gen when their prices have dropped. Hell there's been games I want to play (GoW3, Heavy Rain) but can't because the lack of time and expendable income.

exnihilonihilfit2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

If it only costs 20 bucks and it's in a genre that I'm a big fan of, and which reviewers or people who aren't familiar with the genre don't respond to well when things are too rough too early on, then sure (genres of choice here being certain kinds of RPG and Strategy Games). I think I might get Alpha Protocol when it hits the bargain bin, and I'm considering getting End War right now.

pangitkqb2921d ago

Although it is hard to base a game's value on individual opinions, multiple opinions from independent sources that come to similar conclusions are generally on to something. Although imperfect, this is the inherent value of Metacritic and similar sites. If 72 unaffiliated sources all feel that something is worth consumer time and $$ - for example, a Metacritic of 90 or above - the chance of being "crorrect" overall is higher than one single opinion.

With that in mind, I typically don't dip below a Metacritic of 85 except for flawed but otherwise fantastic gems. Ex: The Witcher, which originally had a Metacritic of 81. With a great core concept and a few patches and sizable fixes, The Witcher is phenomenally underrated game.

Tony-A2921d ago

I have my own little rule.

If a game is 7 or lower, I take my time to actually check the game out myself. There have been way too many games with 7 or under that I actually enjoyed a lot (as well as a lot of highly-rated games that I didn't care for).

UnSelf2921d ago

funny, i dont even buy some 9+ games.

i learned my lesson when IGN gave Prince of Persia a 9+

Game was a 8 the highest

But do you guys sometimes feel that nowadays no games should be gettin anything less than a 9? i mean cmon, why are there still bad games? Theres no excuse

ico922921d ago

"But do you guys sometimes feel that nowadays no games should be gettin anything less than a 9? i mean cmon, why are there still bad games? Theres no excuse .."

a 9 ? no gamers standards should be that high , a quality of a game should be based on your opinion, one of my favourite games this gen is Resistance 2, i never saw the reviews for that game i had zero hype and to me it was a AAA but i was suprised to see it had scored in the mid 80's some reviews even giving it an 6 "coughs" Edge "coughs"
then again there are games that received AAA scores on metacritic, that to me should never have scored above 7 , i could never see the appeal in Fallout 3 that game was just a walking simulator, bottom line you should buy games if it interests you, and if you think it would be a worthy purchase always look at reviews as opinions and never as facts. well thats my take on it.

UnSelf2921d ago

i mean just overall though

the same is said for movies. With all the money and all the unique minds working on a similar project why is their room for error?

i can understand bad ames comin from small teams but in a studio where theres 100+ ppl working on a project, u mean to tell me no one has the balls to stand up and say "uh hey guys, this game sucks."

Chris3992921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Bulletwitch (love the developer - Cavia), WKC, Blue Dragon, Lair (sorry, I just like dragons :P) just to name a few. My taste in games leans heavily toward Japanese/ niche titles. The average Western media outlet and consumer, does not share this taste. My taste is not greater or more refined than theirs, or vice versa, simply different.

I do read reviews, but only to suss out the 'features' of a game. Every review is an opinion piece. Every one. In this industry, people aren't non-partisan enough (or educated, experienced or ethical in many cases) to write unbiased coverage of a game. We are all gamers at heart - including the reviewers - and they all have their genres and systems that they favour. It's like expecting Rush Limbaugh to give you a 'fair' assessment of liberal politics.

And as far as cost, things work out well for me there too. Most of the games I enjoy, a lot of other people don't :) So they tend to drop in price pretty quick, should I wait to pick them up (though I usually buy them as they release to support the titles).

I may get slammed with disagrees for this, but I didn't enjoy Mass Effect 2, or Halo, or... Uncharted 2. Far as that title goes, I thought the first one had more charm, less scripting; though the visuals were vastly improved in the sequel, the first one had more "heart".

But again, it's personal preference. Sure we can use reviews as a gauge, a sense, for how the majority feels about a game, but to use it as an absolute measure - especially if trailers and other media have piqued your interest - shows a lack of individual thought.

My $0.02

Tomdc2921d ago

i hardly ever look at reviews cos i know the games I want. I will sometimes use reviews on games i am more unsure about buying but that is rare.

Persistantthug2921d ago

So a 7 = 70.

Would I buy a 70 or lower game...not likely.

Now, would I buy a 70'ish type game, maybe, but still not likely, but it is possible.

The worst rated game I own is COMMAND AND CONQUER: Red Alert 3 (75)...I traded for it, and I'm ok with it because RTS's are scarce on consoles.

My next worst would be FAT PRINCESS (79) That one is fun, but of course I paid $15 from PSN.

Stranglehold came with the system upon purchase...I don't claim that one....It's my bastard "stepchild".

kneon2921d ago

If the quality of the reviews weren't mostly crap then maybe I'd listen more to what they had to say. But when you get glitch-fests like MW2 and RDR getting 10/10 how can you place much credibility on review scores? I buy whatever I want, I don't care what the reviewers say.

specialguest2921d ago

If it was an RPG, I would play it without any hesitation, but if it was a FPS, no.

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Dramscus2921d ago

I usually make up my mind about the game before I read a review, based on previews and what not.
Generally though yeah 7 or lower doesn't cut it. I'd rather spend my money(and time) on a better rated game that comes out around the same time.
Maybe if I had more disposable income...

NYC_Gamer2921d ago

yes once it hits 20 bucks...

Chubear2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Cause they are sheep and they can't help it.

I have long disregarded the number rating BS cause I've now seen it's just a tool for Viral marketing and gathering up ad dollars. The numbers mean nothing but these editorial review sites know games hardly ever read or listen to review but go straight to the score.

Back in the day we needed these review ratings cause we had no access to the games ourselves and needed these guys to give us info (they were TRUE gamers back then in the gaming media not this corporate "scratch my back I scratch your back" BS that's run rampant today) and help us with our gaming purchases but nowadays it's meaningless cause we all have access to these games more than ever.

After tonnes of video and text in-depth developer interviews, in-depth gameplay vids, friend chatter on so many gaming forums and demos that come out on a weekly basis, if you can't form an opinion about a game you're interested in from all that and NEED a review score then you are exactly the kind of gamer these PR guys and big gaming sites love - A BIG SHEEP OF A SUCKER.

I've seen people who had ZERO interest in a game after months of gameplay vids, interviews and playing the demo but got instantly interested in the game and/or still went out an bought the game simply cause 3 big name gaming sites gave it 9s & 10s and this happens vice-versa too a lot.

SHEEP! that's all I can say.

lh_swe2921d ago

With all the great games these days this article seems kind of redundant as the over-abundance of good games these days is too much for most people's wallet and/or time anyways.

The games I have bought have never been bought solely on one number in a review but instead previews, videos, developer/IP cred and the written content of the review more than the actual number to see if the game actually suits my tastes.

Buying a game is always a gamble as we are all individuals and we enjoy different experiences in games but I do agree that people should focus more on the content in the reviews than the number but to be fair there are only a handful of reviews/reviewers I disagree with in a major way.

dizzleK2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

i've bought games that have gotten 3s. and without fail i have more fun with the lower scoring games than the 9.5 scoring flavor of the minute titles, probably because i go into them with no expectations. alan wake got generally average scores and i loved it, i literally got bored of RDR in a day. i hated halo 3 yet i find odst to be pretty enjoyable. played ff13 and hated it, playing divinity 2 and two worlds and i love them.

Rocket Sauce2921d ago

Agreed muchly. After GTA 4, I started to realize that reviews don't mean shit. When a game gets universal acclaim like that, it's just an indication of how hyped up it is.

The only game this generation that I felt deserved it's perfect reviews was Uncharted 2, but nobody paid any attention to the first one because it didn't have any hype.

So I don't read game reviews - ever. I sold off GTA 4, MGS 4, Killzone 2, and Mario Galaxy - but I still own King of Fighters 12, Deadly Premonition, Wall-E, and HOTD Overkill. I fully expect everyone here to think I'm crazy.