Jessica Simpons's Metroid Screenplay Leaked

Site "The Rumor Miller" is reporting to have a leaked version of the script for the Metroid Movie starring Jessica Simpson which Go Fanboy reported was in the works earlier this month. The site has posted the firs two pages of the script.

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GunShotEddy2223d ago

I will throw my Wii right out the F'ing window. You have got to be kidding me.

N4GAddict2223d ago

Didn't Nintendo learned their lesson with the Mario movie?

Blacktric2223d ago

GTFO. This can't be true. That fat ass failzord country singer is going to be Samus Aran? NO! NAO! THIS IS BLASPHEMY! Did these casting as*wipes even saw Samus once?

Davoh2223d ago

Yeah this is blasphemy, Paris Hilton should play Samus instead... j/k compared to her, Jessica Simpson seems like a fine choice.

Grandmaster2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )


Quagmire2222d ago

Yvonne Strasknvohiisoips anyone?

She would be a decent Samus i reckon.

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seaniccus2223d ago

This crap better be fake. Jessica Simpson ruined Daisy Duke and she'll ruin samus.

GunShotEddy2223d ago

The only thing that ding bat blond ever did right was that video of her in Daisy Dukes. OH you meant the acting. Yes, that will be the end of Samus forever.

Fishy Fingers2223d ago

Let me know when you have a picture of her in the outfit. Until then....

Davoh2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Yes, picture of her in the outfit will make it all better =P

AEtherbane2223d ago

Really really really really dont want a metroid movie. Its such an incredible game series, dont tarnish it!!!

Newtype2223d ago

Ali Larter would have made a better Samus.

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The story is too old to be commented.