9.0 Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Review "Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is certainly no small game. In fact, even though it's on a portable system, the sheer scope of it rivals that of Metal Gear Solid 4, if not even larger. The controls have been streamlined to be more user friendly and the core mechanics improved upon. Thankfully, the majority of lengthy conversations are mostly optional and completely up to players should they want to listen to them. The game is built specifically to take advantage of the PSP so missions are playable in short bursts, making it great for gaming on-the-go. Cooperative play is fun, exciting and a very welcomed addition to the Metal Gear universe. All in all, with exceptional game mechanics and stunning presentation, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is definitely a game worth buying. Once picked up, there's more than enough to keep players busy for a very long time."

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Kyll2800d ago

A good MGS game!?!! Nevar.

Selyah2800d ago

This seems to be a must buy for me.

ShapelyChops2800d ago

I was almost hoping I could pass this one by, my credit card hates me enough! Looks like I'll need to pick it up, then.

JDouglasGU2800d ago

if I had a PSP I'd be all over this game. Maybe Marcus will convince me at some point.

mephman2800d ago

I'm sure he'll grow on you.

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