Molyneux says Black & White with Kinect would be "super cool"

Poking at and flicking animals with a PC mouse? Old school. In the future, why not just use your actual hands?

Speaking with UGO, Black & White designer Peter Molyneux ponders the idea of bringing the series to Microsoft's console using the hands-free "controller," Kinect.

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Dramscus2768d ago

I love those games.
Last games made by lionshead that I actually liked for more than two days.

ElementX2768d ago

I think the Fable series is enjoyable longer than 2 days.... But BW was awesome.

Dramscus2768d ago

They were good but I didn't feel compelled to complete them. Played for a couple days then moved onto something else

Christopher2768d ago

It would be cool, but unfortunately requires a bit more than just tickling a pet or jump roping with them. I'd rather play the next B&W with a controller. If it's dumbed down for Kinect... likely won't even consider it.

Dramscus2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

I'd rather play it with the move. Too bad lionhead is first party for M$

Dramscus2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Doubled post

sak5002768d ago

If you guys had played B&W you would know you control a hand and could pet your animal/diety whatever with the hand and also teach him tricks. So with mouse/kb it was ok but imagine doing it minority report style where you can just pinch your fingers to grab teh pet and stroke it etc. With both hands you can scroll teh map around, it's going to be limitless.. IF you guys take of your fanboy goggles you will see it's a really good idea.

danielle0072768d ago

I would have to see lots and lots of video - with no smoke and mirrors - showing that this would actually work, without it being horribly dumbed down. Black & White was amazing, but it was a lot more than just petting my little moocow god. There's just so much to do, and you have to jump around the map quick like a bunny.

If they pull it off, though, it really could be amazing. The god hand would be your actual hand.. Epic. But, from what I've seen thus far from Kinect, I'm not convinced it could be done. At least not well. I hope my skepticism is wrong and off base, and they do it so amazingly well, and I wind up having to buy Kinect for like just this one game.

Solidus187-SCMilk2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

I dont think many on this site have actually played B&W, so they will pretend like it wouldnt work.

In reality it could work really good. With kinect, it would be like your actually a god, just using your hands. This is one of the few games which is PERFECT for kinect.

sak5002768d ago

+bubbs to fans of B&W ;)

I would also think populous would be good port too.

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sid4gamerfreak2768d ago

I loved Black and White and the second game!!!!

evrfighter2768d ago

I would have a blast smacking rocks and looking like an idiot doing the motions for fireballs and tossin them at invading enemies.

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KionicWarlord2222768d ago

I guess its all up to Microsoft now .

Ms should allow Peter to make it .

Godmars2902768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Isn't he in charge of approving games?

This in spite of the man's habit to run his mouth.

dragonelite2768d ago

He is creative directer at ms europe so he has a high place.

Godmars2902768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Still, in that position, he should have more than enough authority to get that started. Should likely be getting ready to present it at the next E3 to major surprise, not offering it as conjecture on the tail end of the current one.

lochdoun2768d ago

I can't see this not happening.
Seems like a give-in seeing as Microsoft owns Lionhead, perfect game to show off Kinect.
Also I hope they go all out and do a B&W3 with Kinect support optional and allow controller support.

BlackIceJoe2768d ago

I really enjoyed Black & White so version that uses Kinect would be neat. I also would like Molyneux bring BC back from the dead. I hope a new B&W game will become a reality really soon. Because I want to play a new B&W game.

Cueil2768d ago

B.C. you make me cry thinking about how awesome that game seemed to be and then... dead... I remember reading how it was 98 percent of the theoretical limit of the Xbox

tiamat52768d ago

He forgot to say 'neato torpedo' lol

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