Rebirth or Revisit: Nintendo's secret

Gaming Gauge writes: "To say Nintendo's prolonged use of IPs and characters is a controversial matter would be an understatement. Mario is, obviously, the epitome of Nintendo's policy and has appeared in over 200 games, but he continues to be entertaining to this day and brings in mega sales whilst other series, such as Guitar Hero, have been driven into the ground in a fifth of the time Mario has existed. Nintendo's success with sustaining their IPs could be explained by their unique approach which was made obvious at this year's E3 conference."

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PS360WII2768d ago

They do keep it interesting. Not always drastic changes but enough to keep the franchises going. Like the author says the new Kriby does look like it could have been a whole new character but making it Kirby works all the better. Metriods gameplay change looks like it'll bring out some fun battles as well.

SpoonyRedMage2767d ago

Kid Icarus looked awesome and it's not what anyone was execting out of a new entry. I expected a Metroidvania or Zelda style Action/Adventure not the Sin and Punishment-esque/hack and slash action game it turned out to be.