1UP Network's Best of E3 2007 Picks

As 1UP Networks does each year, they have sorted through the hundreds of games at E3 and have chosen there very best. But because of the change in format of this year's E3, 1UP Networks decided to do something different, with four of there Best of Show awards this year. Instead of trying to pick favorites in all sorts of categories, they wanted to just to highlight a bunch of games that they thought were notable, games that really stood out from the rest of the pack and are worth being on your radar.

With this in mind here are 1UP Networks favorites from this year's E3 show...

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TnS3984d ago

Do they know something? :)

egyptian_diarrhea3984d ago

it's fixed, it's crysis (Pc) only now :p

TnS3984d ago

Still shows "also on 360" at the game's page. Interesting. :)

egyptian_diarrhea3984d ago

you sir are correct, it's interesting indeed :)

bung tickler3984d ago

they have a whole page on the 360 version... linky: something fishy is going on...

Rhezin3984d ago

lol well with Mattrick (EA former Head) instead of Pete Moore being the spokesperson now, there's a good chance it will go to 360.

bung tickler3984d ago

kinda funny how they kinda traded guys... i think it will work out good for M$ to have close ties to EA.

power of Green 3984d ago

Why are more than two versions mentioned? in the info provided I see two platforms mentioned . Kind of a strange misstake on 1up's part i know they're a little behind on updating sometimes but this isn't like them to let it get this out of hand if!!! its a misstake or lack of updating.

Dr Pepper3984d ago

Good list, IMO. Can't wait for Mass Effect and Bioshock, two real contenders for goty.

QuackPot3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

** Little Big Planet **

Mark my words. This simple, platform game with its user-created content is going to win the hearts and dollar$ of millions of gamers(young/old, male/female).

@dr pepper

Yeah, 2008 GOTY is going to be a tough pick. So many good games coming out. Be good to see which game gets the prize and the reason why. Just imagine all the posts when GOTY is released.

Dr Pepper3984d ago

Perhaps, but I'll wait till 2008 to make my predictions. Mass Effect and Bioshock are the ones I'm seeing for this year. There will be a lot of releases in 08 (maybe even Gears 2?) so LBP will have some big competition (Alan Wake is looking really good). We'll have to wait and see.

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