Double Fine working on "original IP"

TVGB: "Brütal Legend and Psychonauts developer Double Fine Productions may have something fresh in the cooker. According to a call for a senior gameplay programmer on the studio's website (cheers, Paul), an original intellectual property is in the works."

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Dizko2802d ago

Word on the street is that it's Phychonaut Legends..

JonahFalcon2802d ago

Er, that wouldn't be an "original IP", now would it?

Razmossis2801d ago

Dunno about originals but, I'd love another Brütal Legend !!

GuruStarr782802d ago

....count me in.....I'm always up for a new game from Tim.

wohoo2802d ago

Based on his comments, hopefully we get a little dowloadable XBLA/PSN appetizer before the next big one.

JonahFalcon2802d ago

I hope Tim does a new adventure title. It's been 12 years since Grim Fandango, ya know.

akiraburn2801d ago

Sadly, I have to agree there. I was very excited for Brutal Legend. I mean, an open-world/Platformer/RPG game all about metal, and coming from the legendary Tim Shaffer, it seemed like a perfect combination. Now it could have been due to Activision's attempts to change the game while the studio was working under them, and/or having to do with the game getting dropped and passing hands to EA, but regardless you can tell that the game missed it's mark in a bunch of key areas.

I would love to see another Brutal Legend, but done completely right without changing hands on Producers, without trying to do too much, and without taking on the "strategy" aspect that encompassed most of the game. The strategy game aspect added into it was more annoying than anything, and generally I tend to enjoy strategy games. And the actual lack of diversity and things to do made the world feel empty, even though it was enormous. To me, that and several other things just killed the fun.

That aside though, Psychonaughts 2 and Grim Fandango 2 (don't know how they would follow up the ending, but it would be nice to see) are my true most wanted titles from them.

goflyakite2801d ago

Grim was one of my first games ever (that I actually played through), it was so awesome.

bradlinho2802d ago

At E3 there were whispers it was Psychonauts 2... dunno how true that is

the-show-stopper2801d ago

physconauts 2 wouldnt be an original ip though so thats out of the question

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The story is too old to be commented.