HawtWired eBay Game Report: Reserve Not Met


"A couple weeks ago I did a quick report on some neat gaming related eBay items I saw. I feel like there's plenty of interesting stuff on eBay that gamers would like to be in the know on, so I'll try to make this a semi-regular feature, so long as the market bears unusual gamer stuff up for auction. I know this kind of stuff amuses me; if it doesn't you, there's probably some new Halo screenshot somewhere you can pick apart as a reason to cancel your pre-order somewhere..."

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GuruStarr782942d ago

I get alot of the PS2 and gameboy advance games I missed out on, on's also the best way (and most "financially advantageous" way) to sell your used games......keep these articles coming, I'm always intrigued by the true "rare" titles out there.....I've been gaming for close to thirty years and it's cool to still see games that I've never even heard of before.