Rumor: Sony to start “Classics HD” brand?

According to the European box art for The Sly Collection, Sony may be starting a new brand called “Classics HD.”

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Baltis2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

As a PSPgo owner I can only stress the need for these games to be DL from the PSN. I love digital media on the go and I can't wait for the day all games go downloadable. Have the option to buy the physical copy still. That's nice and good but give us 10 bucks off the retail price and let us DL them if we choose. Since there is no shipping and packaging and stocking fee for retail we should get at least 10 bucks off.

Rumor2612d ago

this also. hopefully!! kingdom hearts, jak omfg!

ReservoirDog3162612d ago

MGS Series Collection:

Zone of the Enders Collection:

Silent Hill Collection:

Team Ico Collection:

PS2 GTA Collection:

Prince of Persia Collection:

Kingdom Hearts Collection (this one needs a lot more votes!):

Final Fantasy Collection:

Okami (maybe even with Move support):

Miscellaneous Collections:

Better off going somewhere where Sony might be listening then going on about it on the n4g comments section right?

Rucury2612d ago

Links are down, man.

I vouch for Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Grand Theft Auto and Team ICO.

Kingdom Hearts... I don't know. I played it recently on my 32" and I didn't look bad. It's not like Metal Gear Solid 3. Great graphics for it's time, I know, but damn blurry on an HDTV.

Blacktric2612d ago


Links are not working. I think you just copy pasted them :D.

sikbeta2612d ago

That's an AWESOME News, I'll Love to have all The PS2 Games in HD + trophies and maybe in 3D like Sly Collection, I'll get them in a heartbeat...

NarooN2612d ago

Silent Hill collection is necessary for my survival.

ReservoirDog3162612d ago

Haha, didn't even think that could happen. And thanks morganfell.


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Jamegohanssj52612d ago

Bitches better give me my god damn Classics Vice City HD.


Blacktric2612d ago

You gotta be sh*tting with me. That is why I love Sony. They don't make that "don't listen to what fans ask" crap like others do. BTW can I get MGS collection with trophies and maybe with chocolate sprinkles on top of it?

TheFreak2612d ago

MGS collection would kick A$$

Rucury2612d ago

Do we really want to see MGS2's Raiden running around naked in HD...?

Yes. Yes we do.

sikbeta2612d ago

That's an Awesome Move from Sony and I'll appreciate that like for ever... I'll buy all of the Awesome PS2 Collection Games remastered with Trophies Day One...

Quagmire2612d ago

doesnt anyone realise that Chronicle of Riddick was the first PS2 game to be enhanced for PS3?

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Inside_out2612d ago

Sure, as long as they are $9.99.

PHOSADRA2612d ago

I like the sound of that..Alot of people wanted backwards compatibility
Though it may not actually be backwards compatibility..they are still giving people what they have been wanting..(sort of)

play17boy2612d ago

Yea I seen this coming a mile away with the strong sales of the GOW Collection you knew this wasn't far off. I think that this is what's honestly holding up PS2 games from being on PS store but that just my opinion.

PHOSADRA2612d ago

I agree with you especially about the ps store

SpaceFox2612d ago

I'd rather have them remade in HD with trophies, than just have them put on the PS store. I have a backwards compatible PS3 and PS2 games just dont look very good on my HD TV. Its nice having them redone in HD so they actually look decent, and trophies are a huge plus.

sikbeta2612d ago

Totally True SpaceFox, that's the Best way to Enjoy Those Awesome Games...

pork_chop_express2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Yeah i think they have shelved the ps2 store in favour of collections which i have to admit i dont mind.

jashwin2612d ago