EA trying to get Medal of Honor Beta on Xbox 360 "as fast as we can"

GamerZines writes:

Having announced that a patch for the PlayStation 3 version of the Medal of Honor Multiplayer Beta client was currently spreading its way across the globe, EA have affirmed to Xbox 360 owners that they are aiming to make the Beta available to them "as fast as we can."

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T9X692943d ago

I'm playing on PS3 but got a spare code for my Xbox as well to compare the to. Glad I own both and not waiting for the 360 version to roll out.

dangert122943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

this reminds me of the other artical and the trouble xbl is going through because of microsoft hands on everything grip and its ruinin them slow but surely but hey this is only a beta but still people are willing to pay for those well on n4g atleast lol

lol you seem offend ok ill shut up do you mind if i keep typing though? lol check around you'll find it i think its called the limiations of xbox live and ms never had a problem with betas? did you play the reach one it was fun but the first day wearnt not at all

orange-skittle2943d ago

Post a link when making dumb azz accusations. Microsoft never had beta issues in the past. PS3 always had the issues because they said certain aspects were difficult to program. That's why DICE had a beta for BFBC2 on PS3 only. They were already familiar with the 360 setup and didn't need to test it. When the game was released, PS3 still had issues even when 360's version was patch free. Next time know what you're talking about big mouth. If MS always has their hand in things, why does XBL get demo's, arcade games, and free trials when PSN doesn't?

Fanb0y2943d ago

dangert, noticed you were trolling a lot recently on 360 articles. Something triggered the hate?

BattleAxe2943d ago

I don't think dangert12 is hating, I think he's speaking the truth, while at the same time he's laying the smack down on 360 fanboys.

BlackTar1872943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

you serious with your attack on him?
that is just some 2.5 seconds i took to find issues.

anyways its all pointless bickering but i cant believe how personal you took his comment. This is the internet man learn to be a little more thick skinned.

also ornage can you post a link to this?
"That's why DICE had a beta for BFBC2 on PS3 only. They were already familiar with the 360 setup and didn't need to test it" i remember someone sayign that and when asked to provide proof nothing was ever supplied.

isnt this another one?

anyways you can ahte on me for not reading these but i just typed in 360 issues with BFBC2 and got a ton of them.

CellularDivision2943d ago

@ BattleAxe
There are no 360 fanboys on N4G

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MGRogue20172943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Same 'ere.. I want to try out both versions, See which one comes out on top :)

jakethemuss2943d ago

Can they pm me it please. :P

aviator1892943d ago

From the gameplay I've seen so far on the PS3, I'm not too particularly looking forward to the game. The campaign might kick ass, but the multi-player just doesn't bring anything new to the table.

jashwin2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Are you kidding? The beta brings so many new things to the table, like frequent crashes, stupid knifing system, grenades that do as much damage as water ballons, etc.

despair2943d ago

yea most underwhelming and glitchy FPS beta I've played in a while.

poopface12943d ago

Im not excited about this game, too many modern war games already. But if it ends up being a great SP and a good multi, I may try it.

FPS are my favorite genre and I havent bought an online FPS recently, but these modern war FPS are really getting tired. They are all so similar, that they really dont intrest me.

Im hopeful tho, I could use a great new online FPS.

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itsralf2943d ago

The Xbox people aren't missing out on much...

orange-skittle2943d ago

That's what I heard Dino. I heard it's best to wait because it keeps crashing and freezing

Blaze9292943d ago

Anyone else find it odd that the day after Sony's conference about MoH exclusivity that they delay the 360 beta....

I mean really, the 360 beta? On the 360? When have you ever known a problem of a multiplat game getting a beta up for the 360? Its usually always the PS3 that never gets it.


Anyway, oh well.

Biggest2943d ago

"Its usually always the PS3 that never gets it."

You didn't think very long about that one did you, Blaze929?

AridSpider2943d ago

he's right. pertaining to multiplatform betas, it IS the PS3 who is usually left in the dark due to some (maybe bs) reasons given by the developers and 360 being easiest to test on.

Biggest2943d ago

How can one usually and always and never at the same time? If you usually anything you can neither always or never.

Jack Klugman2943d ago

He is right when it comes to beta's this gen.

I hear you Blaze it was awfully convenient but screw EA if they want to jerk around the 360 fan base they will be sure to skip purchasing their garbage.

Which this game pretty much is from what I've been hearing and reading.

cyclindk2943d ago

360 owners aren't missing out on anything special, believe me, even if it isn't freezing all the time.

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