Are you gullible enough to pay for Playstation Plus?

Sarcastic Gamer looks at the playstation plus offerings and breaks down exactly what you get and decides whether or not it's worth forking over $50 a year.

From the article,"...But that is just one part of PS+. The biggest thing that peeves me off about the language in the description of PS+ is the word “certain” that is used throughout. You know what this says to me? It says that Sony may offer you access to a bunch of games, but not the best-selling ones… Only certain games. Sure, you’ll get your pick from a bunch of games, but just the mediocre ones. What a great deal."

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seij5552947d ago

People are gullible enough to pay for Xbox Live so I don't see why not.

qface642947d ago

there is a difference though you actually NEED to pay for XBL in order to actually play online so people really don't have a choice

the same can't be said here

Abriael2947d ago

... And I'd venture to say that it's a very good thing for us.

It might not be for Sony, since their revenue is not set in stone, but then, this just means that if they don't get enough money out of it, they'll just have to up their game, offering us more.

In the end, we win, and this article pretty much fails.

morganfell2947d ago

And that is a hack on Xbox, not on PSN+. Personally I wish the service was available today.

Army_of_Darkness2947d ago

just as long as you plan on subscribing forever in order to keep all your monthy free stuff!

FragGen2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

"there is a difference though you actually NEED to pay for XBL in order to actually play online"

Ummm. No. MS CHARGES you for something that is FREE everywhere else because you are dumb enough to pay for it. They could make it free quite easily if they wanted to give up the idiot tax for XBOX owners but it's too lucrative.

It would be like me charging visitors $2 for oxygen every time they visit my house. Most people have the sense to say "This is BS" and walk out.

With PSN+ at least they are providing CONTENT and MP is free the way it should be. This makes it truly OPTIONAL.

kneon2946d ago

What's worse is that with Xbox Live if you decide not to pay then you lose the online capabilities for games that you've actually paid for. The PSN+ is really a content rental service so of course you don't get to keep them unless you buy them.

Garnett2946d ago

Wrong, XBLS is free.

and XBLG > Psn & PSN Plus, Cross game chat yet? No, aww its been how many years since PS3 launch and it still doesnt even have the features of launch Xbox.

badz1492946d ago

"Sarcastic Gamer looks at the playstation plus offerings and breaks down exactly what you get and decides whether or not it's worth forking over $50 a year." - Sony had only showed contents for 2 months and they're already trying to justify the cost? they aren't forgetting that you get 3 months free for a year subscription, are they?

"Sure, you’ll get your pick from a bunch of games, but just the mediocre ones. What a great deal." - again, really?? so you're from the future too, now?

morganfell2946d ago

"Cross game chat yet?"

How does cross game chat work for people that can't play online for free?

kunit22c2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Who ever wrote this is seriously some special breed of retarded, Why write an article flaming about having the OPTION to pay for some extra benefits while on the other console you are REQUIRED to pay just to play online when on the other console its free

Sheikh Yerbouti2946d ago

CERTAIN...also means it could offer the best games. There have been some games that were free on the PSN that I wouldn't have otherwise. Flow was one of them. It was free one weekend...sponsored by some company. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have bought Flow, or Flower as I did a few weeks later. otherwise.

PSN+ is primarily for getting more content to consumers. Having crappy games would do the opposite.

DW2946d ago

" Let me get this straight. You’re paying for early demos, the ability to play CERTAIN PSN games, discounts on CERTAIN PSN games/content, paying for game trials and automatic downloads? Seriously, they’re going to charge you for the ability to make your PS3 less annoying with automatic downloads? That is absurd. "

they need to throw in what gamers really want for this ... cross game chat and some other fancy feature that blows us away.

athlon7702946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

You are such a tool

Yes, the silver is free, but look at everything you loose by going with a silver acct. All the games you purchased like gears of war and burnout paradise...guess what, no online multiplayer for you! You just lost 1/2 the game. That x-game chat you so purpossly brought up, yeah that is out the window too...bye bye! Want to sent a group of your friends a message, oh, so sorry, only one at a time, well that sucks.

But I will agree with you that in it's current form, XBL-Gold is better that PSN with PSN+, for features and friend integration, but that is it. Microsoft did that portion right. Shame they force you to buy those features though.

As for the article, only the owner of a PS3 can answer if PSN+ is worth it to him. You can not be swayed one side of the fence or the other because some person writes a blog stating you are gullable if you buy into this. For the people already getting Qore, well if they get PSN+, that will now become free and they get so much more.

But it is all optional. If you do not see it as a value, you don't have to get it. PS3 owners will still enjoy free online gaming they have always enjoyed amongst everything else we get and will continue to get for free.

FreeFalling2946d ago

There are two reasons PSN+ doesn't appeal to me.

1)All of the "free" games given to you every month ends after the year is up you PAID $50 a year for. Sure the random games given to you outweighs the $50, but you see, the games are ones Sony chooses to give to you, they're not even by choice. You might end up with games you don't even want.

2)I doubt you're gonna be playing those games a whole lot when you have complete/full games to buy for your PS3. The games PSN+ gives are more like secondary options when you're bored w/ the games you already have, and to me $50 doesn't cut it. ESPECIALLY since it may not even be games I want.

Okay, I don't mean to encite flames, but can I get a decent response to these complaints?

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UnwanteDreamz2947d ago

The question should be

"Are you whiney enough to complain about something you do not have to buy?"

Christopher2947d ago

It's the Internet, of course they are :)

NegativeCreepWA2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Plus isn't giving us any substantial features for me to want it, they're giving people exclusive rights to play demos that would of been free without it. And we should be able to keep the games they offer not rent them. Maybe when they offer some games I want or haven't already played I may get it. I was suckered into Qore for two years because of MAG and Socom beta offers, so I'm sure they'll add something at some point that will make me change my mind.

Christopher2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

The author really needs to research his stuff.

1. Each month you will gain access to each of the following, chosen by Sony:
- 1 PSOne game (PS3/PSP compatible)
- 1 PSN game (PS3 only)
- 2 minis (PS3/PSP compatible)

That's 48 games a year. How the heck does a person write an article complaining about this when he can't even count up the number of games one will get a year (he says about 25 a year).

So, lowballing the heck out of the prices, let's say a PSOne costs $4.99, a PSN $4.99, and a mini costs $1.99. That's $167.52 worth of games for the $50/year. Games you don't get to select, but games nonetheless.

If by the author's analysis only 20% of those games are good, you're equaling out in the end to the $50 you spent for the whole year... but you're also getting some additional games that you might like or others in your house might like as well.

Now, that's not it for the $50/year.

2. You also get savings each month on specific content. Yeah, it's not an overall percentage on all content, but it is a wide array of content each month and ranges from 20-50%, which is a good discount. This is in addition to the normal sales that are had, such as Spring Fever sales.

3. You also get exclusive/preferential demo/beta access. No more having to buy the GoW collection to get into the GoW3 beta type of thing, you get in because you're a PS+ subscriber.

4. You also get auto-updates.

5. There will also be new items added, which one of the first for U.S. subscribers has been announced as a free subscription to Qore, which on its own is $24/year. This is supposed to start next month based on what was said on stage at E3.

So, yeah, this isn't for everyone. Especially those who don't utilize PSN much or buy a lot of DLC for their games. But, for those that do... they're saving a crap-load of money each year just by buying into the $50/year cost saving system.

So, Sony isn't trying to sell you crap, they making it possible for those devoted PSN users to save some big time cash and to get some other features on the side.

ExPresident2947d ago

Thank you for beating to it. The only thing I can add is that this is an OPTION. No one is forcing people's hands. Like multiple flavors of ice cream, just like I like multiple choices in the products I buy, this is one of em.

Have a bubble on me sir.

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Wolf8732946d ago

you loose it the moment you unsubscribe from the PSN+. Which is the only downside imo but at the same time makes sense.

takohma2945d ago

Ok so am I going to get a rebate for paying for Qore since I have it and I'm going to get PSN+? I wonder if you will be able to find the member fee cheaper on amazon like XBL cards. Hmmm but good post. You forgot about the music and movie. Atleast I'm not too sure about the freem movie. I thought he said that too. But there's free music streaming

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AliTheBrit192947d ago

The difference is

People pay for Xbox Live as a neccesity, as in they want to play online

if you could play online with Silver, I'm guessing there would be a hell of a lot less people paying for Gold.

otherZinc2946d ago

M$ developed a system where we don't have to use our cell phones or house phone to call someone halfway around the world to get a game going & or talk to them while playing a different game.

PS3 cant do that with their put together online system. M$ took the R&D time to develop a perfect system, they should be paid for a perfectly integrated service.

SONY cant match LIVE, when they do, then & only then should they get paid for PSN+.

MysticStrummer2946d ago

I used to have friends with 360s. None of them thought XBL was worth paying for. None of them saw the amazing XBL advantage that people on the good ole interweb like to talk about. Now, none of them have 360s. They all have PS3s and are happy with the switch.

raptorjacob2946d ago

i dont have to use my phone to get a game going with the ps3

goflyakite2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

3 months free - $17.99
WipEout HD - $19.99
Fieldrunners - $6.99
Age of Zombies - $4.99
Destruction Derby - $5.99
Killzone 2: Steel & Titanium Pack - $5.99
LittleBigPlanet Dynamic Theme - $2.99
PlayStation “Game Is Just The Start” Dynamic Theme - $2.99
Fat Princess Avatar 1 - $0.49
Fat Princess Avatar 2 - $0.49

That all adds up to $68.90. So you've already gotten more for what you paid for, in the first month. Oh and you also get full game trials, early access to select demos and betas, Qore, push demos, automatic updates, and discounts from the PlayStation Store. (Tell me if I've missed anything)

Esena2944d ago

The only problem is I own the majority of that content already...PSN+ is a joke in this beginning stage. It is meant to be for the hardcore gamer, but news flash SONY! The hardcore gamer most likely has all these games already...

Did someone take off their thinking cap at headquarters?

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dangert122947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )


its just like xbox live in the sense that when your subscription runs out online multiplayer is put on hold until you resubscribe, But with games instead and i like games thats why i am gamer i rate sony for not charging us to pay our games online microsoft are funny

there Microsoft games studio's make games with online features but then you got to pay microsoft xbl live gold to use what they made for you since you brough it =/
and its sad how people who don't have gold have to pay full price for half a game if it does online multplayer

@Al Bundy - every know and then microsoft lets silvers play online for free but the with that is gold during that time gold members don't get anything at all and its scewing them over cause the time they paid for i mean ms could atleast give a 80msp indie game but you get jack sh*t
silvers are getting for free

MexicanAppleThief2947d ago

Are there going to be seperate services to PSN plus? Because I'm really interested in the Beta's they'll be giving out to subscribers.

Al Bundy2947d ago

Great point. Ask yourself this, if MS let you play online for free with a silver account, how many people would pay $50 a year for gold?

dangert122947d ago

@Al Bundy don't stealth edit on me thats not nice lol

Anon19742947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

I was already paying $25 a year for Qore and I've really enjoyed having it. There are a lot of PSN titles that I'd like to give a try to but not enough to shell out $10-15. I think the ability to try these out is great, and if I want to keep them I can still buy them afterwards.

And I'm a sucker for dynamic themes. Demo's and Beta's I don't really care about.

For the price of one game a year, I think this is totally worth it. Unlike XBL where you're paying to game online - something that should be free, PSN+ is paying for additional content - not features that should be included by default.

Just my take on it. Who knows. I might try it for a year and decide it's not worth it.

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madara0sama2947d ago

PS-P looks way better then XBL

despair2947d ago

The thing about PS+ is that its geared more towards PS3 heavy users, it has alot of saving for anyone who buys alot of games on the PSN and the added content is definitely great, the best thing is that this is the initial package, meaning they will add more content and features in the future and definitely will not increase the price to stay competitive with MS gold price.

The PS+ is great for persons like me who spend most of my time on the PS3 and not on other consoles, but for the casual PS3 user or the only Exclusive PS3 titles user, its not very viable as the free stuff stays free whether you pay for plus or not.

yippiechicken2946d ago

"meaning they will add more content and features in the future and definitely will not increase the price to stay competitive with MS gold price."

Man, I hope that's the case but there's a lot of assumptions there.