First footage of Brian Lara 2007: Pressure Play

The current UK weather may fool you, but we should all really be out playing cricket right now.Do not waste energy cursing the heavens, however, because Codemasters is putting the finishing touches to Brian Lara 2007 Pressure Play, which you can play whenever and wherever you like, of course.And if the released trailer is anything to go by, you'll definitely want to. In it, you get to glimpse the game's various modes, such as the main fully licensed ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 mode, some of the 16 quick-fire challenges and the two-player option.

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Bathyj3737d ago

Ok I guess it's my duty to comment here since no one else is interested.

Its suppossed to be Ricky Pointing Cricket you bastards !! Ok Everywhere else in the word its Brian Lara but Ricky is the best Batsman in the world and he will smash the record books before hes done.

You americans should give this game a go and educate yourselves on the best sport in the world. The game is a reasonable representation of the sport and a lot of fun. At the vert least it might pip your interest and you might chexk a game out on ESPN or something. Find out what you're missing.