Legend of Mana Set for PSN

Square Enix continues with its classic PlayStation releases.

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Paradise2855d ago

Bring me threads of fate already. I want to have that on my PSP.

WildArmed2855d ago

One of the best action RPGs of all time! :D
The story was quite sad though

gano2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Wait, i love me some mana but no xeno or saga yet?!
I've been waing to hear this but damn, can we get a parasite eve or something damn.
And more importantly will we see it on the us store.

raztad2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Wow. The awesome PS1 RPG collection is being "updated" for the PSP. This give me a nice chance to play those old gems.

I need to play all Final Fantasy from VII to IX just to get started.

Megaton2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )


I lost track of the time I've spent digging through all my crap looking for my copy of this game. One of my favorite PS1 games.

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The story is too old to be commented.