VGDomain: The (hopeful) Future of Digital Distribution

The future of game distribution is always just around the corner. This article discusses alternatives to the standard disk-based distribution system

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T9X692947d ago

I will never be for full digital distribution of full games. Just for the simple fact I like owning the actual case, art work, manual, disc and not to mention I don't wanna be stuck with a game for ever. If I buy a game I should be able to sell it when I please, if its all digital I can't do that. I would rather carry my game discs around and be able to let my friends borrow them, or be able to sell my games then have the "easier" option of a USB stick in my pocket.

dangert122947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

I can defo see it and id rather be on steam if thats the case lol they have the best offers and i can play with a pad just have to move my pc so i can feel more console-ish (i feel more relxed gaming on consoles then pc,but psn store is better then live market place psn puts any type of game on offer or anything on offer xbox live market place its just arcade games

plus working with real money beats nintendo and microsoft points anyday

deepmovievoice2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

yeah, i just like the idea of buying it once and getting access to it digitally. example, i bought fable II, it got a minute scratch on it so i couldnt play it, and i had to buy another copy. I already had license to the media, but the medium was what was damaged. so i had to pay for another copy/license when i should have been able to just download it or something

Dramscus2947d ago

Until the companies figure out they need to charge 5 or 10 percent less for digital copies of games than for real copies sold in stores digital distribution will never take off.
Their saving money from the production line to the clerk in the store.
They obviously see this savings in the gleeful greedy eyes of corporate profit. They don't have to cut out all the extra profit. They just need to give back to gamers for not having physical copies.

Everytime I see things price for price the same I'll go for physical.

Dlacy13g2947d ago

I agree on the pricing issue. However one of the key reasons MS, Sony and Nintendo havent dropped prices offered compared to the retail is..... they are still HEAVILY reliant on retail and can't afford to upset the retailers. So they offer games at the comperable "retail" price in order to keep the retailers from feeling too threatened. Why you ask do they have to keep them happy? Because the retailers rely on the software sales not so much on the hardware margins. If they stop making money on the software they are much less apt to carry large amounts of the hardware. And this is where a service like Onlive really has no reliance on retailers for the hardware.

Times are a changing my gaming friends. The future of gaming is upon us and its looking less and less like a set-top box and disc.

deepmovievoice2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

or have a digital distribution backup as part of Xbox Live and PSN+

and steam is usually pretty well priced especially as the game gets older they know how to depreciate and have good sales. Half Life 2 was 6.99 a few weeks ago!

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