What Happened To: Turok 2 for the Xbox 360 and PS3

Gamertell latest installment of its irregular column "What Happened To...?" focuses on the reasons for the non-release of Turok 2 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

From the article:

"There were a couple of things that went wrong with this.

The first thing is that Disney Interactive Studios, the publisher for the original game, never officially announced or confirmed that Propaganda was working on it..."

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qface642949d ago

what happened?
the first game happened that's what that game was terrible

Quagmire2949d ago

i enjoyed turok. not enough dino games on the market today.

Quagmire2949d ago

I got a disagree for enjoying a game? WTF.

This is why i really hate this gen of gamers...

PoSTedUP2949d ago

i kind of "enjoyed" it, but knowing where the franchise originated and knowing how much of a masterpiece the first 2 were, the new one for ps3 was crap compared to the old ones.

and about your disagree.. it probably means that they just didnt enjoy it. not that they disagree that you enjoyed it. that would be silly.

if any thing they should just remake the first two, that would be incredible.

Shang-Long2949d ago

my best friend was so pissed with this game. he wanted his 10 dollars back so bad

SOAD2949d ago

I thought it was okay. Some of the weapons were creative, and there was a part where I had to sneak past a T-Rex or something much scarier than that. I think the game was a 7/10.

Solidus187-SCMilk2949d ago

the first was the best, and was awesome back in early 1997. The new ones havent been very good.

xino2949d ago

why should the second one be made when the first was an instant failure!?

developers should stop making trash games, maybe then we'll buy their games

BigKev452949d ago

Yeah, we don't need a part 2. The first one sucked donkey d**k.

Hellsvacancy2949d ago

Just start over, redo everythin, Turok is more suited as a 3rd person open world game, i think thatll work loads better this gen, theres too many fps about and cummin out

e-p-ayeaH2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Turok 2 n64 remake i wouldnt mind

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The story is too old to be commented.