Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword Preview

After slicing the competition to ribbons on other consoles, Ryu Hayabusa brings his ninja skills to the Nintendo DS with Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword. Players use the touch screen to control Ryu's actions, throwing shurikens at enemies and performing a series of slick moves. The visuals look spot-on, though players must get used to holding the DS sideways to get the full experience. The quirky gameplay should keep things interesting, relying more on movements than D-pad actions. Last but not least, what would a Team Ninja game be without extraordinary unlockables, such as a female ninja? Dragon Sword strikes with a vengeance later this year.

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Bloodmask3766d ago

be great bc of Team Ninja's proven track record. I have to wonder if the stylus controls will be fun though.

PS360WII3765d ago

I am looking forward to this game very much so. I think the controls will work out wonderfully. It's so cool that Team Ninja is working on a handheld game! All they usually do is work on the most powerfull platform, but I guess it's hard to pass up the touch screen and well the user base. So many good games coming out for handhelds as well as consoles. Man it's hard to up with it sometimes ^^