The worst limitation of Xbox Live is starting to surface

While Xbox Live remains a definitely amazing full-featured service, one of it's worst and previously hidden flaws might be surfacing as more and more developers plan to create their own networking services and cross-platform gameplay and features grow in popularity

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dangert122946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

like i said before microsoft have a smash and grab give me give me give me attitude,and it s my way or the high way attitude,there also like the jealous kid i'll pay you to make sure craig can't get this till 3 mnths down the road ...its not gonna be to long before people get tired of it

@mcgrawgamer well said bubbles

Al Bundy2946d ago

That's also why play, create, share games like Little Big Planet and Mod Nation Racers will never be on the Xbox. Microsoft would charge you to play other people's user created levels.

dangert122946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

al bundy - i never thought id see the day id be agreeing with one of your comments but that is not far fetch i could actually see that happening

it would be like the 'user genrated content pack'

NumeroUno2946d ago

Ding ding ding - we have a winner!

Megaton2946d ago

Yeah, they didn't even allow mods/maps for UT3 like the PS3 did.

GameScrub2946d ago

Does TrialsHD ring a bell???

SixZeroFour2946d ago

but thats not completely can download gametypes, maps, and pics and videos that ppl created through forge and theater in halo 3 cant you?...given that you are a live gold member

mikepmcc2946d ago

You say that, but what about games like Far Cry 2 and Forza 3...? Plenty of sharing of user created content going around there. Oh wait, fanboy, nevermind.

Shepherd 2142946d ago

In Halo 3 you can create maps, gametypes, film clips, and screenshots and send them to all your friends and play on them together for free. The map editor is much more robust than some might think and you can create some amazing maps with enough practice. just look up some great creations on Youtube.

In Far Cry 2 you can also create maps and search for user created maps for free with its awesome map creator.

Trials HD also allows you to do the same for free.

Microsoft's closed system is indeed very annoying, but dont be so ignorant as to say that there is no custom content sharing at all on Live.

But as an example, UT3 wasnt allowed custom content sharing on Live because the content that would be shared was made by people who used outside tools not provided by the game itself. Microsoft unfortunately has policies against that sort of thing.

Maybe in the future Microsoft will start to lose out on deals and IP's because of their closed policies and adopt a more open system similar to that on PS3 and PC in order to compete.

1Victor2946d ago

WTF you're talking about MS is the B (click fanboy Mike off ) well said bubble up to you. Al bundy

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

ModNation Racers was proyected to be Multiplatform, for PS3 and Xbox.

United Front Games did it exclusive for PS3, because they said they wanted a free service online to play and share.

Probably that is the reason United Front Games didn't develop for Xbox.

Not only MS is a close minded Company, why do you think Epic Games developed Unreal Tournament 3 with Mods for PS3 to play with Keyboard and Mouse and other stuff and not Xbox 360?

Or why Valve is bringing Steam, Steam Cloud and Steam Play for PS3 and not Xbox 360?

dragonelite2946d ago

Yeah cause halo doesn't have Forge theater and movie sharing and stuff.
Just bringing it out for the uninformed people. Dont forget map sharing in farcry 2.

sikbeta2946d ago

@Al Bundy

The List is Growing, for MS is No MMOs, No Play Create and Share, No Steam Cloud and by that never even think about Steam...

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Double Toasted2946d ago

It doesn't have competition so no ones worried...still the best!

Boody-Bandit2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

on any other format?
I have probably logged in (easily) 5000 hours ( been gaming online since it started so this is a very conservative guess) of gaming from the PC, 360 to PS3 over the years and I am still trying to understand, from an online gaming perspective (connectivity / latency and communitication / test & voice chat), why people think XBL is in a league it's own.

Care to explain?

I have played dozens of multiplatform and exclusive games online on both the PS3 and 360 and I don't see a difference in performance. If anything some PS3 games have less latency. Well the ones that are on dedicated servers. Now we are not talking options and features but merely online gaming. I mean isn't that why we purchase gaming consoles, to play games?

Oh and just incase you think I'm full of it?
I took a couple pics today because I have been getting some pm's that I'm some PS3 fanboy. Yeah I'm a PS3 fanboys that has 5 360's. 1 I can see but 5? No I'm just brutally honest.

Baka-akaB2946d ago

i can only agree with Brutallyhonest here ... there is some weird and false legend about xbl performing better online for games .

It originate from two things i believe :

- xbots insecurity . They have to believe that on top of services , that aside from a few (party chat) got nothing to do with gaming , they've got better online connectivity and less lag .

- And indeed some very few games , in the first year , that had abysmall online support and had to be patched , but wich was entirely the devs and publishers fault .

Especially when launch titles such as resistance and warhawk performed nearly perfectly with far more player on a single map , than anything proposed on 360 ... from the very beginning .

The only thing faster on xbl so far , after extensive trials , would be game patches , wich for some reason seems quite low on priority for PSN . I dont know how it is for everyone , but such a feat is hardly deserving a fee .

But keep congratulating yourself for paying over a 2 min patching feature instead of 15 .

valanceer2946d ago

Hey atleast you have a door stop for every room now! :p

Boody-Bandit2946d ago

Ironically enough I have 5 doors leading to the outside in my home. ;)

Myst2946d ago

Agree and bubbles for Brutallyhonest, and I must say jeez that's quite a few 360s!

sikbeta2946d ago


That's cos they Need to Believe what they always say:

"You get what you pay for"

The feature would be The Worst, but no matter what, they pay for it, so they need to defend it and believe that they get something "better" cos they're paying for it....

bjornbear2946d ago

just for having so many 360 =O

and I agree, i don't see the big deal over xbl and PSN, in the end its about the gaming experience and they aren't THAT astronomically different

now 360/PS3 to Wii, THATS different

dragonelite2946d ago

Be glad ms is kinda close a beta like the MoH ps 3 would probably not make it onto live. At least cant remember in the 3 years i have it and browsing forums such a beta ever existed.With so many freezes. Dont get me wrong this is not sony fault but DICE.

And lag,latency and stuff has mostly to do with distance and how anal your isp is with routing your signal. Live does have a pocket size limit i just heard on the crackdown 2 tech interview on digital foundry. A pocket is the signal that tells the other consoles where the other player are and what they are doing. How smaller and less compressed/encrypted it is how faster the netcode of a game is. But the smaller the size the less info you can send and with less secure the easier it is to do pocket hacks. This is the basics i know about online gaming. Im pretty sure aim botting has to do with reading those pocket and reveal other player places.

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playstation_clan2946d ago

when microsoft saw that the game had a create a level mode for free, they almost had a heart-attack

mcgrawgamer2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

many people won't read the article but it actually makes a good point; a point I was making to some buddies at E3. How does Sony take the rug from under MSFT? By giving devs something MSFT won't. Sony is giving valve and possible other devs freedom over their content. How bittersweet will it be for 360 owners who have portal 2 to pay for dlc if they even get said dlc at all while pc/mac and ps3 owners get the content day and date 360 owners will have to wait for content to go thru msft certification and even more time may be added if valve and msft have a dispute over the pricing of dlc ala L4D. Valve loves to control their own content and I'm sure other devs feel the same way. If Sony can give this level of freedom to 3rd party devs as well as their 1st party devs which they already do it's gonna be nice battle in the online space in the very near future.

Abriael2946d ago

You summarized the problem in a really perfect way. Bubbles for you :D

PirateThom2946d ago

That's pretty much what it boils down to, but this isn't really anything new from PSN.

Sony approach to online services do have one or two drawbacks though. PSN's biggest positive is also one of the reasons Metal Gear Online was such a pain to get online with. Konami basically ran the game outside of PSN, even when PSN was down you could play Metal Gear Online with no problems, but at the expense of simple PS Store downloads, sensible log ins and overall ease of use. As long as they mandate freedom but require a PSN ID and any paid content going through the store, for Valve and any other developer wanting to impliment such services, life is good.

Abriael2946d ago

I would think that's more a poor implementation on Konami's part than an inherent problem of the PSN.

PirateThom2946d ago

No doubt, but I'm talking more about the ability to even run a service like that on a console.

Raf1k12946d ago

The problem with Konami's poor implementation though is that most people who don't like it will likely blame PSN like my friends do. They're die hard MGS fans but they blame the online issues on PSN which reflects negatively on Sony through word of mouth even though it's not actually Sony's fault.

It's great that Sony allows it but I think they should keep and eye on it and make sure developers do a decent job.

Persistantthug2946d ago

There was a series of patches that got que'd up from DICE/EA, but from what I understood, the XBOX 360 wasn't getting them at the same time as the PS3 because their Q/C or certification or whatever takes longer.

This example is Not really a big deal,
but I think we can all see this getting worse and worse, especially as Sony gives the keys (more keys) to the developers hands.

Proxy2946d ago

XBox offers the most consistent, yet expensive, experience.
PC offers the most open experience.

PS3 is in the middle. It could be that they've found the perfect balance between both extremes, but it could also mean they are not the best at anything. I've been satisfied with the PS3 online services. I would like to see Sony release a development framework similar to XNA which anyone could use freely to develop simple PS3 games.

mastiffchild2946d ago

Proxy-PC will never "win2 and neither will any console. It's more about allowing devs more freedom ACROSS a few platforms and networks, isn't it?

My most hated MS moments this gen were over(and Valve were FAR from innocent as their 360 ports have, imho, been poor quality at best)L4D. Why no mods? Why? If a game EVER needed them it was a four chapter game like this one, no? Sony allowed it wth the similarly challenged UT3 so why nopt MS? Maybe that's the exact kind of thing valve are now railing against? Or it's EA pushing them, who knows? however, as someone who had a lifetime of MS involvement it must have been something to get Gabe onstage at the Sony show.

Godmars2902946d ago

The only thing see such DLC doing is force MS to offer it for free, otherwise risk losing sales if not creating active rifts with devs.

Shang-Long2946d ago

wow well said bubbles up

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JohnnyAkiba2946d ago ShowReplies(1)
Lord Gunchrote2946d ago

I used to have 360 before mine died and now I have PS3...only because I was bitter bacvk in 2008 when my Xbox kicked the bucket...but even still I covet the LIVE experience. PSN+ might be cool.

Lirky2946d ago

Microsoft are making gamers pay well if u think about this... Making videogames cost alot, so they want the developers i guess to have a great profit share by charging premium for game devs extras of content and other stuff rather than... i lost my thought.