What If… Achievements Never Existed?

This future looks pretty much the same, actually. Possibly the only practical use has been a handy way of making sure journalists are actually playing the games they review.

Of all of the terrible futures we’ve promised, this one is terrible only in its banality. Who cares, really, about a future with no achievement points?

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qface642800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

what kind of question is that?
then nothing
if achievements never existed then yeah nothing would happen games would still be the same just with no achievements

T9X692800d ago

I wouldn't necessarily say that. There have been a few times where I wanted to get certain Achievements or Trophies and spent more time than I should have on certain parts of the game, but that's a good thing in a way. Some games I'll explore more than I normally would (in a sense) to get a certain Achievement and might come across something I didn't see my first time through for example.

Not to mention games these days are a lot less challenging than they use to be, so by adding difficult Achievements and Trophies, it gives the players some what, more of a challenge.

Wrathman2800d ago

i find achievements tie you to a certain console.

they also add huge replay playing tiger woods 08.just for the achievements.all 3rd party games are played on my xbox.

NecrumSlavery2800d ago

Trophies and Achievements are both a curse and a blessing. One one hand they add hours upon hours of replay value. They make you finback and do all those things you would never do before. And the more creative they become the more you can explore your games. I love it when they are more like riddles than just check the box awards.

On the other hand, you have to choose what system your multiplatform awards go to. I collect trophies, so I would play bayonetta for example on PS3, even though it has more issues, just for the trophies. So now only games I play on 360 are 360 exclusives.

I said it's a curse. Here's my best example. I want to play MGS4 again, but it sits there on my shelf as I wait for a patch or the directors cut to come out. I played GOW 1&2 before GOW3 on PS2 just to brush up, but now I'm playing them again in the Collection just to collect the trophies.

So it's a replay value blessing, yet a curse. But once you get your first platinum, you are hooked like crack

JsonHenry2800d ago

What is an achievement?! :)

Prototype2800d ago

I've gamed before achievements/trophies, I will continue to game even if they never existed or fell off the map.

Like I've mentioned countless times, I play games not scores

Mr Marbles2800d ago

then Sony would have had one less thing to copy from the 360 and there would be no "trophies"

n to the b2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

in addition to the potential benefits that T9X69 pointed out, Achievements can add a level of interactivity, even to single-player-only games. to me they add another dimension to the gameplay.

@Marbles: that's technically true but let's not forget MS is also 'copying' their competition, i.e. motion controls.

cmrbe2800d ago

Sony copy MS?. LMAO!!!

Dude, MS is trying to convert the x360 into a PS3. You fail.

Mr Marbles2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

How is MS trying to turn the 360 into a PS3? By adding netflix? oh wait, MS had that first, by adding background downloads, no the was 360 first again, oh I know, by adding a hard drive, wait, nope 360 first again, perhaps adding triggers to the controller, Xbox before Ps3 again, you must mean movie downloads, no? Facebook and twitter maybe? How about cross game chat, nah Sony still trying to figure out how to copy that one from MS. So if not achievements and all those, how exactly again is Ms trying to turn the 360 into a PS3? By making it shiny? OK you got me, yep Ms copys Sony and makes the 360 shiny, those slimy bast&rds.

n to the b2800d ago

Achievements build all of our games into a points-based metagame. BUT they can be completely ignored, no harm done.

Tomdc2800d ago

then miley cyrus games would get fewer sales!

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IRetrouk2800d ago

uuuummmmmm nothing, i would still be gameing

SA1NTofKILLERS2800d ago

Achievement Hunter wouldn't exist.

dkblackhawk502800d ago

Exactly and people wouldn't even bother continuing to play games that are based on achievements. On topic now, this is kinda of a mentally retarded question, everyone knows what will happen. It isn't rocket science. :D

tunaks12800d ago

big wup, achievements are useless.

Vespertine2800d ago

Not really, both achievements and trophies add re-playability to games.

BubbleSystemSuck2800d ago

Xbox never existed
What if Microsof never existed
What if humans never existed...


LoaMcLoa2800d ago

You're really ruining your joke by putting a big "LOL" at the end... Geez, only a maniac would keep laughing at his/hers own jokes.

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