The Hidden Costs Behind the Big 3's Coolest Devices

Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony all showed off some really cool technology coming out through the next year. However, how much is this new technology going to actually cost you? GoozerNation is here to break down some of the details of what you might really be required to pay... to play.

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matt2472915d ago

They're wrong about Kinect not coming with a game, on Amazon's description page it clearly says it comes with a game, but we don't know what that game is yet.

JimmyJames702915d ago

Maybe so, but it's doubtful it will be a AAA title. Probably some kind of demo disc to play Yoga or bowling or something.

Bigpappy2915d ago

I don't believe M$ will sell kinect games shown at E3 for $60. The fitness games maybe.

Vortex3D2915d ago

Strange is the author doesn't include the cost of a PS3 console for the cost of Move but included X360 console when compared the cost of Kinect.

It gets so common for reviewers when they compare because they will intentionally leave out certain required part in favor for another console so that it looks better.

That is why just about every product comparison reviewers are bias towards one console.

I'm not speaking being a fanboy of one console because I own both PS3 and X360.

JimmyJames702915d ago

The article was amended to include the PS3 bundle cost of $400, which includes a console, a PlayStation Move motion controller, a PlayStation Eye camera, Sports Champions Blu-ray game and PlayStation Move game demo disc

mp12892915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

they also failed to list that the navigation controller is not required for the move since you can use the dualshock and sixxaxis instead.

retrovertigo2915d ago

I did leave out the details of the PlayStation 3 in the Move! Sorry about that oversight! I'll see if I can update that!

DJexs2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Might keyword there
just some website trying to get hits by making crap up.

JimmyJames702915d ago

Nothing was made up. It's all based on events from E3.

GameOn2915d ago

They Priced Kinect at E3?

Darkfiber2915d ago

They aren't really hidden. Sony didn't hide anything. Only an idiot wouldn't be able to figure out the prices on their own.

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The story is too old to be commented.