Xbox 360's Kinect and PlayStation Move Showing 'Equal Popularity'

While Microsoft would have you believe that Kinect is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and Sony would note that having an actual controller/wand is superior, it would seem that consumers are not really leaning heavily towards one technology over the other. Looking at GameTrailers Stream Stats and IGN GamerMetrics, the folks at EEDAR have sized up the popularity of technologies and certain big name games coming out of E3

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dangert122794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

personally from gamers

move has got a better reception
but the rest of the place is wowing about kinect

@thorstein if you get move you should feel happy sony went through the best of the ability to create a fun 'motion gaming exprience'

since ms took out a processor i can't say the same =/
and the thing is before ms e3 is was real excited to see what kinect had install

then they showed as a game play demo of a man and women running on the spot in a race
why not just go and run outside against each other if you willing to put that much effort into it beats jogging on the spot

thorstein2794d ago

on this one. I feel bad for the Xbox boys who wanted this so badly.

rockleex2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Then I would actually be glad for 360 gamers.

But so far, Kinect has shown that its only good for people who want to play less and jump around more.

Note how only the most rabid of fanboys like Green Ring, Hacker, and Jack Klugman would be proud that Kinect is going to do NOTHING to enhance their core games.

But then again, do they even play games to begin with? O_o

edgeofblade2794d ago

Once again, I have to preface this with the fact that I'll support Move as a gamer much more than I would support Kinect.

But as a business person, Kinect has the glitz that the public will love.

However, this indicates that Kinect is losing ground to the Move... and in some ways, this makes me feel much better.

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T9X692794d ago

I say each piece of hardware has its own fanbase, you just don't see it as much on here because its primary PS3 users. For the most part anyway. Go to different websites you will notice how many people like Move over Kinect, and Kinect over Move.

Hyrius2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Kinect is "popular" because everyday it fails a little more : 149$, lag, no games, 2 players, you must stand to play it ... That's why a lot of people are talking about it.

Whereas nobody is complaining about the PS Move : it's accurate and there are hardcore games like SOCOM 4, LBP 2 or Killzone 3.

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n4gno2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

who is disagreeing with your facts hyrius ?

stop the denial, kineceyetoy had a little advance because of the blind fanboyz, but after E3 big fail, and a lot of news (move = accurate, kinec = lagguy for casuals), move is normaly winning the fight (pure logic).

*to thudd fanboy : don't forget that US is not the world (amazon preorder, lol) and even if people buy a lot of kinect (like they were buying eye toy !) we are gamers here, not casuals and granmas (who have already a wii for the bowling), so move is more interesting for us (it's sad to see people happy to see better sells for an inferior product, consoles, games, dumb world)

Omega42794d ago

They maybe equal in popularity when it comes to the hardcore, but Kinect is miles more popular with the casuals. And in order to get support from developers they need to reach the casuals to create a worth while installbase.

2794d ago
Christopher2794d ago

How can something be more popular with a market without any sales figures to prove as such?

raztad2794d ago

"And in order to get support from developers they need to reach the casuals to create a worth while installbase." Very lame excuse.

Xbox already has a larger userbase than the PS3. Xbox already enjoys more third party support than the PS3.

What kind of "support" are you expecting for a casual focused console?: shovelware, lots of it. Kinects selling more only means will be more Kinects based games.

nnotdead2794d ago

as of right now i think Kinect has a better chance of making its way into the casual crowds minds, but i don't know how well the 360 can. people think of FPS and teenage boys yelling at their tvs when 360 is brought up.

Biggest2794d ago

Kinect has a chance. But boy will it take more convincing. The problem with the Move and Kinect going for the casual market is the price. You can't just buy the Kinect or Move and do your thing. You need the console as well. That is a steep price for people that already have the Wii and know how much of a waste it may have been.

Boody-Bandit2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Your hardcore gaming console to go extreme casual?
Seriously I want to know.

PM me since you are out of bubbles.
I want 360 fans, which I am one, to all tell me you want your hardcore console to go hardcore casual. I mean this is really getting to a whole new level of delusional now. 360 gamers thought there was hope that this device would somehow be implemented into hardcore games yet all MS showed at E3 was extreme casual games and the only game that they can try to fake people into believing might appeal to some hardcore consumers was Star Wars.

A game on rails that was only shown on video while some guy was pretending this is what you will be able to do to control your character. Yeah okay. They have been working on this device for a good while now yet almost every demo was staged.

Serious stop already.
MS is trying to turn the 360 into a Wii alternative while Sony is saying "If you want motion controls? Here yah go!" It will work for extreme casual (shovel ware), casual and extreme hardcore games.
Gee this is a tough choice for a guy like me that is hardcore but might want to fool around with motion controls. hmmmmm which do I want? Kinectimels or Sorcery? Oh I'm so confused.

Oh wait a second!
Justin Bieber is backing Kinects. Decision made. I'm going full blown Kinects cause I just love me some Bieber. /s

Sorry for the rant but I'm surprised more actual 360 fans are not as taken back by E3 and Kinect as I am.

Rybnik2794d ago

That is such a weak excuse Omega, MS could still continue to target casuals while NOT simultaneously leaving the HD Hardcore out to dry. It is rather unfathomable to me as to why they seem to be doing this.

Pre-announcement Kinect was going to be integrated into most future games..Hardcore and Casual. What happened to that plan?? I think if they really do ignore their base hardcore, they will lose their "war".

This is the same kind of misguided arrogance that Sony showed after E3 2005 all the way till the first PS3 pricecut. Honestly, I did not expect this of MS as it is a total 180 on all their rhetoric til this point. Even some 360 fanatics on this crazy site have come to their senses over this, that does not bode well for Microsoft's future prospects with anyone other than casuals.

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