GBN: Transformers: War For Cybertron review – Color me surprised

GBN: "This is the Transformers game you were looking for.

First off, I’ll admit. The only thing I know of Transformers is I watched the first movie. I didn’t pay to see the movie, because I saw it elsewhere. I knew it was an old-school cartoon, and a comic book, and knew the movies bastardized them. So, the movies didn’t get full support from me. But I never went back to watch the cartoons or read the comic books. Call me lazy."

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killyourfm2800d ago

Really should have had someone familiar with G1 reviewing this...

Chuk52800d ago

I love this game. The higher scores will be because people are familiar with g1 canon and in can see the staggering detail paid to the fiction in this game.

branchedout2800d ago

Haha. It seems every other reviewer out there was familiar with "G1." Not too bad to get an outside opinion

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2800d ago
Aphe2800d ago

'Color me surprised'

I hate that saying. For anyone that says it I would rather colour you with dogshit.

tigertron2800d ago

I giggle like a school girl when I hear Optimus' voice, and I love hearing Soundwave too.