Kooky Nintendo Wii With PS3 Blu-Ray 'Rumor' Is 100% False

The recent rumor that Nintendo may introduce Blu-ray enabled Wii is 100% False. The source is Sarcastic Gamer. The first two words of their slogan is "Satire. Sarcasm."

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Trick Nolte3922d ago

I dont think they fooled many people. I knew it was bs from the jump :D

Mario183922d ago

OMG they really fooled me... I mean seriously, I really doubt anyone would believe that

MannyHarlem1413922d ago

The wii is a technologically unimpressive piece of garbage... why add a blu-ray player to it. it would seem more plausible for microsoft to make this move

ChickeyCantor3922d ago

making a console so small is impressive, at least to me that is.

The Dude3922d ago

The blu-ray drive in the ps3 is to slow to release in the 360. It just makes me think of how much padding is going on the blu-ray media.

Ludwig3922d ago

Why would microsoft do it?

I mean .. add Blu-Ray in the Wii would be sabotage but Nintendo won't allow them..

ChickeyCantor3922d ago

I didnt even know there was a rumor like this going on.....XD

ChickeyCantor3922d ago

wow someone disagreed because !I! i didnt know it was going on.....

daveman33922d ago

false, just like 90% of us said when the original story came out yesterday

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The story is too old to be commented.