Halo movie announcement just around the corner?

It’s the announcement many people have been waiting to hear throughout the world, but dodged by economical costs particularly caused by the global recession and political hindrances such as the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike, the Halo movie has suffered a development curse.

Since 2005 a film adaption of the video game Halo has been one of the worst kept entertainment secrets this century with the political complications surrounding it most prominent within the public domain.

But could the time for a Halo movie be now?

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AcesHigh2912919d ago

In favor that a Halo movie will be made within the next 5 years.

morganfell2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Don't get your hopes up. This is an absolutely ridiculous article by the type of site that just makes crap up, throws it against the wall and looks to see if it sticks. Really, was the one kid team at that web site that bored/delusional/unimaginative ?

There isn't one shred of hard fact. Peter Jackson has stated the project is dead:

And he is on to other things:


Including the possibility of directing the Hobbit himself now that his friend del Toro has dropped from the project:

And Neil Blomkamp has said that although he likes HALO he wouldn't do it if it were offered:

Could someone else produce and direct? Yes, it's possible. But until you see some sort of evidence just stop it with these damn flights of fancy articles that are nothing more than adolescent dreams.

dangert122919d ago

all these games that are suppose to be movies are doing my head in we know half of them wont even come true the over half low budget street fighter jon claude van damme sh*t

i want a real quality gaming film the alan movies clips that was on xbox had potential even though they were acted out from scenes straight out the game lol

deanobi2919d ago

Im sure now Avatar, a half cgi film has been released and District 9. The technology for creating the aliens in Halo should make them realistic quiet simply.

SixZeroFour2918d ago

the blomkampt (sp?) shorts were enough proof that the tech was there to produce the special effects needed for a halo movie...same with the recent reach "making of a spartan" short (even tho that had less special effects than the others)...and ive always said that the novel fall of reach would make for a terrific script

dragonelite2918d ago

I thought halo wars cgi cutscenes were awesome.

Independent_Charles2918d ago

halo wars cutscenes were briliant imo. evan if the halo movie was made like the final fantasy movie i dont care. it will look amazing either way.

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Paradicia2918d ago

The universe is there.. it just needs the right backing.

EvilBlackCat2917d ago

Halo movie teaser to be announced this fall

Wanna bet that is about of what happened in halo reach with master chief?

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Hacker2918d ago

I doubt it will ever get made if Microsofts got anything to do with the MOVIE lol.

SaberEdge2918d ago


I think it has an amazing fiction and I would love to see it made into a well-produced movie. And believe me if it gets made into a movie it won't be any kind of low-budget affair.

mrv3212918d ago

Halo has always been known for it's story and emotion...

karl2918d ago

halo to me was a really great game...

and i hate MS but i can admit that.. but an emotive game?

i sure as hell didnt feel like crying while playing it...

The Meerkat2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

The end of halo 3 was emotional.

MC goes into cryo, Cortana loves him and watches over him. She only has a 7 year life span and will die before he wakes up.

How can that NOT be emotional?
Especially with the excellent music.

SixZeroFour2918d ago

where did it say ai such as cortana only live for 7 years?

The Meerkat2918d ago

In the books.

She is a smart AI.
They are basically over clocked AI's.

They burn out in approx 7 years and go mad.
Cortana was already showing signs of madness in Halo 3.

Independent_Charles2918d ago

damn i love halo and bought every one but i gotta buy these books!

karl2917d ago

didnt know that..

but u need to be frank ... the ending would be a lot more emotional if we all knew that..

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