140°'s Account linking, stats and downloadable content back online

Insomniac is happy to announce that stats, account-linking, the sig generator and downloadable content unloackable codes are once again functioning...

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San anto3711d ago

yay we can finally get cloven skin in the UK :D

Lord Anubis3711d ago

why do you want the cloven skin. Why not the black ops skin?

Mario183711d ago

It's been back up for a while.

TheSadTruth3711d ago

it's nice that they track stats but what's the point when the entire matchmaking system takes no skill

I played this game for about 2 weeks on my friends PS3, beat the hardest single player mode in a day then went into multiplayer to find out all the level 60s were absolutely horrible and I've never even owned a playstation system in my life.. then once I easily I got to level 60 I realized there was no point in playing this game anymore as there are very few modes to play and almost no one has a microphone, and there's virtually no competition.. I definitely hope the sequel offers more variety and a skill based leaderboard

warfed3711d ago

to beat the hardest Single player mode you have to unlock it first, shows how much you know, and if you beat it in a day, get a life maybe move out of your mom's basement.

ASSASSYN 36o3711d ago

Come play xbox-live. It will provide a sizeable challenge especially Halo 3.

Lord Anubis3711d ago

I don't think you have even played the game. THere hardest mode is SuperHuman after taht you get the black ops skin if you the game with everything you get the skull.

There are 40 multiplayer ranks. The last one is Supreme Commander. Almost no one has a mic? that shows you didn't play the game. There's no competition? You need to play me.

FirstknighT3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Yeah I have to agree. I'm a big FPS fan and Resistance is pretty good. The AI is pretty easy and it gets boring after awhile but it's not that bad. The multiplayer was just a simple fragfest. It's pretty easy to rack up the kills. No skill required to get kills in Resistance.

TheSadTruth3711d ago

I'm glad at least one person responded and was completely honest despite being a ps3 fan

the only reason I was able to get level 60 so fast (supreme commander) while almost having never used a ps2 controller is because of the INSANE amount of aim assist in the game, which comes from just moving the controller back and forth horizontally, and throwing nades at peoples feet is INSANELY easy for instant kills which I find retarded, though the sniper isn't as nearly as easy to use as it is in halo

all in all my biggest gripe is just the easy matchmaking system that anyone can get to level 60 easily because you can't lose experience or levels from losing, so basically it makes the entire thing worthless, and people that like a challenge will have no interest in this game

no need to hate people, It's still a nice game...

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paracardium3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

lol @ halo on a resistance page.