Justin Bieber Will Help Kinect Sell Millions

The Kinect has been a financially questionable device for Microsoft up till now. Microsoft has found a way to sell Kinect to millions of teenage girls.. or boys with the help of none other than young singing star, Justin Bieber.

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dangert122613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

ok get real who's going to buy anything because of him?
if he is the reason you dug into your wallets/purses for kinec you are a sad person

@guitarded77 - that sounds like the sad truth

guitarded772613d ago

Legions of 12 year old girls fueled by hormonal rage marching to a craptastic soundtrack... do not piss them off my friend, they are more dangerous than Nazi zombies.

-Alpha2613d ago

I accidentally pressed the disagree button, but you pretty much hit the nail on the head.

He will be a great marketing tool, especially with him posting things on Kinect over Twitter.

Al Bundy2613d ago


I was wondering where my bubbles went to.

GWAVE2613d ago

Teen pop icons have not yet proven themselves capable of selling something in droves. They've probably proven the opposite, in fact.

Case in point, we have yet to see any Hannah Montana, Spongebob, or movie-related game top any Top 10 sales charts.

Nitrowolf22613d ago

the sad thing is that its going to happen
i am sure all what MS needs to do is get him to tweet or say "Buy it" and all those poor people will fall for it

despair2613d ago

lol so true


soon gonna have to widen your comment bar to fit all those bubbles lol.

evrfighter2613d ago

I'm guessing M$ offered him more $$$ than he's made for this endorsement.

Kleptic2613d ago

the beginning of this video made me finally realize that the 360 is the 'cool' console of this generation...

Christopher2613d ago

The extremely scary truth. I'm not sure where the world is going when so many are talking about vampires that sparkle in daylight and Bieber... it scares me to think what the next thing will be.

HolyOrangeCows2613d ago

How many 8 year old girls are going to get their parents to buy $400/450 worth of hardware just because Bieber promotes it?

Actually, I'm not sure I even want to know.

8thnightvolley2613d ago

i personally dont even give a damn.. but that is marketing right there..i cant lie.

dikturbo2613d ago

You nailed it! Tell my 11 year or 14 year old daughters that Justin Bieber is insignificant and you'll be one sorry Daddy. Not my cup of tea but then again my parents weren't too keen on a band called KISS (who really aren't that good). How'd that work out for them?

HammockGames2613d ago

Boy bands, metrosexual teen pop stars, yada yada yada. All colossal crap.

The apocalypse must be close. Eventually God is going to simply decide there's no room on His green earth for this kind of abomination.

EeJLP-2612d ago

Here's what I'm not buying:

Anything Justin Beaver is trying to sell me.

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dangert122613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

LOL @ disagree buying kinect because of justin bieber is not sad or what guitarded77 said does not sound like the sad truth...some times i feel like greenringoflife i know he has a hardcore following of disagree'ers

@Alpha-Male22 your not angry cause i went to sleep while play MAG are you? lol jokes and never mind

@Blaze929 - 3,294,072 O_O whats this world coming to his not exactley the best young talent but wooi thats alot still his doing his thing so i rate him but i don't rate people buying somthing thats not in his field because of him thats just silly
what else is disturbing is how many more people are following him since you posted that comment

AridSpider2613d ago

rofl he gained 1000 more in just 25 minutes!? wtf

8thnightvolley2613d ago

dude i am stoned and that made me laugh so hard.. nice one have a bubble.

Blaze9292613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

The guy has 3,294,072 followers on Twitter ALONE. That's not even including all his other acts that people can recognize him from.

Just him being associated with Xbox and Kinect will at least enlighten A LOT of people to Xbox 360 and Kinect even if they don't buy it.

Bieber says Kinect is cool and go out and buy that and a Xbox 360, all his raging teen girl fans will do so and that's no doubt in my mind. Like a fucking cult.

Dude is no doubt a tool for Microsoft but sure is an effective one.

T9X692613d ago

This is sad but true. Little tweens tickle their vaginas to the sound of Kustin Beiber (horrible I know) but like you said, if he says its "cool" then they need to be "cool" to and run out and buy it.

Smart business move for MS, but sure it one hell of a corny one.

Chris3992613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Since when is the MARKETING of a device more important than the product?

It's amazing how people have utterly forgotten how to be consumers. The last few generations are not nearly as smart or savvy as our parents and grandparents were when it came to shopping. My grandparents would subscribe to American newsletters and magazines, monitor and collect coupons, wait for the exchange rate to rise, then drive to Buffalo (we're Canadian) and - with a sensible budget - scoop every deal that they could.

That is frugality and consumer sense. "Sure we need it, but we don't need it 'now'", Anne (my gran) would always tell me.

Now, all you need is some love child of KD Lang and Aston Kutcher (that's what always comes into my mind when I see the kid) telling us how fun Kinect is and millions rush out to buy the device. And yes parents are just as irresponsible in catering to the bleating children's wishes in these instances. I don't know when it happened, but I had a paper-route and worked in a convenience store as a young man and if I wanted to buy something, I SAVED. Most kids these days get whatever cash they need as an "allowance".

There is a sickening cycle of MARKETING (with Celebrities' willing or unwilling endorsements - i.e. Ipad, the coolest thing on the planet since all the celebs have since been photographed with one) > NEED > INSTANT GRATIFICATION > GET > REPEAT.

It's an ouroboros of brainless consumer activity and greed.

Only thing we should be doing is saving our cash, watching the market and asking:

"Will this product suit me?"

"Is it worthy of my cash?" (Ignore what Justin Bieber says, he's paid to say nice things.)

"Do I need this?" (Again, pay no heed to what the pre-pubescent boy who looks like a lesbian says, it is irrelevant.)

/end rant (and while I might have come off as "old-manish", I'm only 31 :P)

Inside_out2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Hooking up with MTV is huge. Many people are saying the MTV dance game will be the killer app. I don't know about that but I know it will move some 360's and Kinect. It seems Sony has stepped on MTV's toes some how. M$ has thrown alot of time and money at is starting to pay off. That dance game will sell millions all over the world.

M$ needs to keep the price of Kinect down some how. If the price is right, they will sell as many as they can make. They also need to bring the PC community into the whole thing and tie Kinect to the 100+++ million windows 7 consumers. Why M$ is dragging their feet on this is beyond stupid. Share a little M$!!! Third party apps will make or break Kinect. I don't think the killer app will be seen until M$ works on the software more. This thing is still in it's infancy. The next gen of games for Kinect will shock and awe ( see vid )...meaning 2011 and beyond.

M$ and Sony claim to have some surprises at GDC...Hmmm...can't wait.

Love that Sorcery game from Sony. I can't believe how good that game plays and looks. Sony needs something like that at launch. I wasn't expecting that. The best game Sony had at E3. Nintendo must of freaked when they say

BTW guys, its all advertising. Sony is in a deal with Coke to plaster PS3 logo's all over there products...same thing.

DarK-SilV2613d ago

I thought I was the only one wondering what happened to the kids these days

Umb2613d ago

One of the best and most throughout comment I have read on N4G, well bubbles to you Sir.

So sad but spot on true!

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Corepred42613d ago

this video pretty much sums up the definition of the xbox360. all lasers, lights, smoke and mirrors.... weak performance, lol. it's insane how many people get tricked into buying products just be the advertisement.

Davoh2613d ago

He should be supporting Playstation Move because that's the only way he'll even own a some balls

BeaArthur2613d ago

Unless they are trying to sell it to 13 year old girls this d-bag won't be selling anything.

Blacktric2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Justin Bieber just needs to cut his tiny nuts off and join Ciruqe De Soleil or whatever the fu*k that gayfest's name is. So he or she can most likely promote it better at Gamescom or next E3.

knight6262613d ago

sony doesnt need no celebs they have KB

Snakefist302613d ago

Guys whos Justin Breiber? Seriously I dont no guy.He looks GAY to me.

dinkeldinkse2613d ago

That's popular because his balls haven't dropped so he sounds just like all of his fans(13 year old girls).