Guerrilla Games Must Not Spoil Killzone 3 writes "The Killzone series has come through a lot of media scrutiny in the past, for example the ridiculous terms used to describe the series such as the infamous “Halo Killer“: A term the media pronounced on the game as neither Sony nor Guerrilla Games ever intended for the series to be called that. However in many ways Guerrilla Games themselves were responsible for partially dampening the effect of Sony’s huge title."

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dangert122861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

No game should be spoiled by any devloper not just GG and Kz3

2bf i did't anything spoiled killzone just the last level was so damn hard i wearnt playing it for fun anymore just to find out what happens in the end well the last part of vasari's palace

Citroen2861d ago

don't you?

the article is making a point, what better way to do that than to pick an example...especially when KZ2 was spoiled by the excess videos.

Hideo_Kojima2861d ago

Yeah the article is right... because Killzones 2 and 3 are some of the best ever looking games they should not show it off because a lot of the wow comes from seeing the graphics for the first time.

Just go and play GTA 4 now and you will see that you are numb to the effect you go when you first played it and you thought wow this is realistic.

Killzone 3 has very little competition so its biggest threat in killing the excitement is having the trailers numb the viewers.

Does that make sense?

ReservoirDog3162860d ago

Well, just do what I do with most video games nowadays: don't watch or read anything about them after you decide you're gonna buy them.

Did that with MGS4. I saw every video ever released for it. Many, many times.

By the time I played it, it felt kinda spoiled. Luckily most of the game was new cause they only ever showed the first level but the lines of dialogue were really familiar as the game went on.

So, don't watch any videos released. It's hard but possible.

jjohan352861d ago

I just want the game to consistently have cover system or consistently don't have cover system between single player and multiplayer. I did not like Killzone 2's implementation of cover only in single player but not in multiplayer. I have no problems with cover systems in general or lack of cover systems in general. I just don't like it when they mix the two within one game.

bmatthews2861d ago

tbh, I want to see more of Killzone 3, but I also don't. I understand full well that the more you see the less special it all becomes. Remember back in the old days when media coverage on games was much less, and the game suddenly release and when you play them you are hit by a huge sense of amazement and what you're seeing because you've not seen it before. Sometimes I wish gaming was still like that.
Now today you have devs and publishers giving away 70% of their games before release.

So yes, completely agree with the article.

SupaGamer2861d ago

you don't have to read or watch the coverage.

bmatthews2861d ago

but not everyone has the same willpower as you, the footage really shouldn't be there.

So you're telling me, there's nothing wrong with a developer (for example) showing off every single level of their game, from start to finish? again it's an example..but still, you mean to tell me IF a dev showed their game from start to finish, you would consider that proper?

Even if we should refrain from watching it, it can not be proper for devs to release footage of their whole story based games...and that's were the industry would soon be heading.

UnwanteDreamz2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

With respect bmattews that is a straw man arguement. Your example is an exaggeration of what it could become but until it is actually done like that by developers you have no foot to stand on. If you want to argue your point about it not being right to show off a whole game then fine, I agree. Thing is GG hasn't done that they have showed no more of their games than any other developer has and SupaGamers point still stands "you don't have to watch the coverage" making others do without because you can not control yourself is ridiculous.

Do we really want to go back to a time when the boxart was all we could use to decide if we wanted to buy or not? Maybe you don't remember how much that sucked but I do.

HeavyInfamous2861d ago

They should be more sensible this time

BeaArthur2861d ago

I actually only really care about seeing multiplayer footage anyways.

theunleashed642861d ago

i agree with the article to me thats what happened with god of war 3 there were videos on the internet spoiling the story and surprise's it had to offer i tried to resist but it looked so good and me being a fan of god of war i couldn't resist so i kept watching that when i finally got the game and played it the
surprise factor was gone i wasn't as shocked as i was before i don't want that to
happen with killzone 3 i want to be surprised like everyone else so hopefully sony & gurrilla save the surprise's for when the game get's into gamers hands.

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