Call Of Duty 4 - New beta details emerge

Details of the Xbox360 exclusive beta has emerged. Full story in link below.

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BlackTigea3954d ago

I wonder how this will work. Everyone will able to download beta when released on live ? will just have to wait and see.

V2oom3954d ago

Can't wait to start killing muslim terrorist scum.

P4KY B3953d ago

I watched the video and there is an enemy soldier wearing a head scarf.
That doesn't look very russian to me.

They may be Chechens in which case V2oom is correct, they will most probably be muslims.

But hey who cares! If it moves i'm going to shoot the $hit out of it.

predator3954d ago

im still confused on how to get in, ive put my name,email add and gamertag in the beta reg on that website, but still nothing back

ben hates you3953d ago

with the new bubble system i think the person who disagreed should get a back fire for that


How do I get into the BETA?

There's going to be a lot of ways to secure your spot in the Public Multiplayer Beta for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, finalized details will be coming out in the near future. However, members will have exclusive chances and ways to get into the BETA which we'll be detailing in the coming weeks. This Multiplayer BETA is exclusive to the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live.

So, I assume we wait for an email for more info & check the COD4 site.

Bloodmask3953d ago

that a beta is being released for this game. It looked like one of the most impressive games of E3.

THE HIVE MIND3953d ago

First off you need to be a member
of the Cod4 website
then you have to sign up for the beta
and by that they will register you a redemption code
(if you are selected)
you will then put that code into the marketplace
and will be able to download the beta.
1.9 gb

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