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Demon's Souls Gamedot review

"Demon’s Souls is the most rewarding game you can play on Playstation 3, and gives as much satisfaction and replayability as an MMO. This is an experience unlike any you have played before. And to deny yourself it if you own a Playstation 3, is like denying yourself water. It’s essential." (Demon's Souls, PS3) 10/10

Prcko  +   1795d ago
one of the best rpg's ever created,i wanna see DEMON SOULS 2!!!!
SIX  +   1795d ago
For beginners
The first time you see a knight with red eyes. GTFO quick!


Yeah that's what I did. I made him chase me off a flight of stairs :P. I'll have to try the dragon thing that sounds like fun.

Naw the red knight is the Motha!ucker that is guarding the Old King. It's tougher than most bosses in the game, and that's saying a lot.
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-Alpha  +   1795d ago
Actually, that's the best strategy:

Make him chase you down the path and the dragon will annihilate him for you :)

Make sure you time it right or you'll get roasted too.

I think that's the Blue Eyes Knight, right before the Giant Knight boss. There is one with Red Eyes too.
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kanetheking  +   1795d ago
o and when u face the
maneater cry =]
MisterNiwa  +   1795d ago
For beginners that really dont rely on their sword skills you should do a Magician, the first run of the game will be very easy.

New Game+ will raise every enemies Magical Defense soooo muuch that no spell will really harm them anymore.
huzzaahh  +   1795d ago
I've found Demon's Souls to be a lot easier than the insane difficulty that it's hyped up to have. Sure, it's unforgiving when you die, and enemies do a lot of damage, but it's really all skill and caution. If you can be cautious and if you're skilled enough, you really shouldn't have much of a problem. I absolutely love the game, and while I'm not quite done it, it's a 10/10. I've had a tonne of fun, and it's honestly one of my favourite RPGs/games of all time.

BTW, Maneater isn't really hard. Make sure you can roll properly, and have a Meat Cleaver, and you're good. Dodge, attack, dodge, attack. Just don't roll off the bridge.
BigRedBall  +   1795d ago
The maneater can be killed by shooting through the fog beofre you enter the battle. Get a bow and move to the far left.
After that, firestorm the other one :). Or use soul ray if you dont have it yet.
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thewhoopimen  +   1795d ago
nah he's killable
Nah both the man eater's are killable without resorting to that trick. I managed to do with a royal too using magic and my falchion.
Cenobia  +   1795d ago
I was able to kill them by calling my friend and a random guy in. Then I watched them die slow and horrible deaths...

Luckily they were able to help me kill one and lower the 2nd's health enough so I was able to survive. That one is a b!tch by yourself though. I had been trying offline and it is impossible (except for that glitch which I had never heard of, I guess).
topgeareasy  +   1795d ago
nuff said
ImStillNotBungie   1795d ago | Spam
Jason143  +   1795d ago
wtf is this. Games been out forever man. We already know its the best rpg ever. stillnotbungie has no skill obviously.
spunnups  +   1795d ago
game just came out in Europe I think
Fishy Fingers  +   1795d ago
It's only just released in the UK, hence the review from a UK site.
ravinash  +   1795d ago
Yep, My copy is currently sitting in the post office. Will be going to get it first thing tomorrow.
Prcko  +   1795d ago
this is european game man,so european sites reviewing the game atm
Newtype  +   1795d ago
*European release

It's actually a Japanese game.
kevnb  +   1795d ago
I dont get this game
its so clunky, full of narrow hallways, and performance issues. Only thing it had going for it was the old school approach, but it fails on so many other levels.
kevnb  +   1795d ago
why the disagrees?
I bet most average gamers would agree, no matter which platform they like. Challenge and lack of hand holding just isn't enough for most people.
Raf1k1  +   1795d ago
The lack of challenge and lots of hand holding is exactly what's wrong with most games these days which is why this game is so great because believe it or not people like a breath of fresh air once in a while.
kevnb  +   1795d ago
however, there still is some serious flaws here. A good but not great game.
despair  +   1795d ago
care to point out these flaws? Just so I know where you're coming from because its not "clunky" but methodical and timing based, the narrow halls are part of the claustrophobic and isolated feel of the game and the performance issues are limited to minimal slow down that does not affect the gameplay very much.
exnihilonihilfit  +   1795d ago
Heft does not = clunky. That the controls are heavy and slowed down a bit does not make them unmanageable. This is the same complaint that people lodge against Killzone 2, and no one's buying it. If you play the game for more than 15 minutes, the controls become very familiar and it feels good in your hands. Not every game has to be 60fps hack & slash/shoot em up mayhem. Some people like a game that paces itself. As a matter of face, a lot of people do.
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huzzaahh  +   1795d ago
What flaws, exactly. The only flaw I've really found is a slight framerate drop every so often when you're casting a complicated spell, or if a bunch of stuff breaks, or if a bunch of enemies attack with magic at once. Other than that, it's all about actually being good at the game.
Not clunky, just not twitch-tastic like COD.
Also, complaining about narrow hallways? There are only a few places with narrow hallways, and the hallways are short. There's usually a bunch of wide open areas right before and right after a hallway.

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Or make me a sandwich and then get out.

EDIT: Also, there are very varied environments. I bet you didn't get past the first level. Every area is completely different with separate challenges and strategies. The bosses are also epic as hell. Except Phalanx and Garl.
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Monk3y  +   1795d ago
the game has no flaws
kevnb  +   1795d ago
but it does
framerate drops for one arent even debatable, clunky heavy feeling controls are another, lack of interesting environments, its basically survive through some uninteresting linear dark level and fight a semi-interesting boss. Its not the worst game ever, but I think people are over reacting and should go try a few mmos.
Millionaire  +   1795d ago
@ kevnb
Jesus Christ...the stupidity contained in your post is quite frightening
diatom  +   1795d ago
It's pretty obvious you haven't played it. You should try it sometime, it's a great game.
tda-danny  +   1795d ago
@ kevnb
Congrats on only watching gameplay vids on youtube...

"lack of interesting environments, its basically survive through some uninteresting linear dark level and fight a semi-interesting boss."

Are you fricking kidding? You're obviously a troll have not played the game... The controls, levels and bosses were the best parts of the game.
thorstein  +   1795d ago
Disagrees because there is nothing clunky about it
other than Xbot fanboys posting about something they never played.
Aphe  +   1795d ago
Performance issues? There are very few times framerate become an issue, there was a couple of random times in the whole game that I noticed a framerate problem and a reload sorted it out and I played on. Apart from that the only time I noticed any framerate loss was fighting against the tower knight, and it wasn't really something to grumble about.

I'm very sensitive to fps in games and have complained about games on here that I think were spoiled because of the framerate, but it's not something that is a problem in DS.

And it depends on what armour you wear concerning clunkyness, the heavier the armour the more clunky you will be. If you have light armour you will zip around but you will feel the pain if you get hit, if you wear heavy armour you will be a tank but you won't take so much damage.

It really is a game of skill though, you have to read an opponents moves and counteract them, one wrong move and you're toast. It's as pure as I can imagine gaming skill being.

It obviously was not for you kevnb but it is far from being just a good game and I think your argument is pretty weak.
Al Bundy  +   1795d ago
Gamespot's GOTY last year.
tda-danny  +   1795d ago
mine too =)
theunleashed64  +   1795d ago
this game is awesome hopefully from software pull a jaffe at the tgs with demon's
souls 2 :)
despair  +   1795d ago
hopefully but i believe they said they have no plans for it, guess thats where the Jaffe move comes in.
tda-danny  +   1795d ago
I honestly think they said there are no plans for Demon's Souls 2 because the game just launched in Europe and announcing a sequel right when the first game is shipping can hurt sales.

I guess we'll see, but I won't be surprised when they announce a sequel, just ecstatic!
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Timesplitter14  +   1795d ago
Hell yeah motherfucker
Jason143  +   1795d ago
That sucks for europe. You guys get everything really late? Games amazing man. Held leaderboards for 2 months before everybody figured out how to play. I own both the japanese and na versions and cant get enough of it to this day.
OSIRUSSS  +   1795d ago
Most Hardcore game this Gen so far.
Donny  +   1795d ago
Greek God  +   1795d ago
awesome game
i got it today (Germany)
killed phalanx
i can level up my chara now^^
any tipps for these stones ..
should i use them or wait for example sharpstone ..?
dc1  +   1795d ago
@Greek God
Wikidsouls.. My friend .... Wikidsouls!
tda-danny  +   1795d ago
@ Greek God
You can use the lowbie stones whenever you like as they are easy to farm.

Make sure you save any 'Pure' stones though. You only get one of two of those per type per playthrough, so save 'em for a weapon you really want to upgrade!
Hellsvacancy  +   1795d ago
Got my copy 2-day YAY, its FAT, i get the game, Ost/artbook and a strategy guide, gonna wait till the missis goes to bed till i put it on
Anon7349  +   1795d ago
Have fun
Playing the best game this gen has to offer.

And one of the best games ever created.


-If you kill one of the NPC black phantoms you can start invading worlds

-If you lay your blue stone down and let some one summon you, even if you die you will not lose experience

This is a great way to figure out the level/ enemies/boss/traps and gain experience before you tackle the level by yourself the first time.
Donny  +   1795d ago
your gonna have a fkn blast hellsvacancy
Manac0R  +   1795d ago
Got uk black phantom edition..
So good this game got release it deserved. I ve had U.S copy for while but got uk version for art book.

Only game I own two copies off. Felt fresh playing again and I m gonna be on call to help a few mates along the way.

Time to go and leave sage like messages across Boleteria.

F***ing love this game.
AliTheBrit19  +   1795d ago
Renting this after Naughty Bear, really happy it came to the UK, took its time though! pricing is good too, so might end up buying.

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