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"Demon’s Souls is the most rewarding game you can play on Playstation 3, and gives as much satisfaction and replayability as an MMO. This is an experience unlike any you have played before. And to deny yourself it if you own a Playstation 3, is like denying yourself water. It’s essential."

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Prcko2916d ago

one of the best rpg's ever created,i wanna see DEMON SOULS 2!!!!

SIX2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

The first time you see a knight with red eyes. GTFO quick!


Yeah that's what I did. I made him chase me off a flight of stairs :P. I'll have to try the dragon thing that sounds like fun.

Naw the red knight is the Motha!ucker that is guarding the Old King. It's tougher than most bosses in the game, and that's saying a lot.

-Alpha2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Actually, that's the best strategy:

Make him chase you down the path and the dragon will annihilate him for you :)

Make sure you time it right or you'll get roasted too.

I think that's the Blue Eyes Knight, right before the Giant Knight boss. There is one with Red Eyes too.

MisterNiwa2916d ago

For beginners that really dont rely on their sword skills you should do a Magician, the first run of the game will be very easy.

New Game+ will raise every enemies Magical Defense soooo muuch that no spell will really harm them anymore.

huzzaahh2916d ago

I've found Demon's Souls to be a lot easier than the insane difficulty that it's hyped up to have. Sure, it's unforgiving when you die, and enemies do a lot of damage, but it's really all skill and caution. If you can be cautious and if you're skilled enough, you really shouldn't have much of a problem. I absolutely love the game, and while I'm not quite done it, it's a 10/10. I've had a tonne of fun, and it's honestly one of my favourite RPGs/games of all time.

BTW, Maneater isn't really hard. Make sure you can roll properly, and have a Meat Cleaver, and you're good. Dodge, attack, dodge, attack. Just don't roll off the bridge.

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BigRedBall2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

The maneater can be killed by shooting through the fog beofre you enter the battle. Get a bow and move to the far left.
After that, firestorm the other one :). Or use soul ray if you dont have it yet.

thewhoopimen2916d ago

Nah both the man eater's are killable without resorting to that trick. I managed to do with a royal too using magic and my falchion.

Cenobia2916d ago

I was able to kill them by calling my friend and a random guy in. Then I watched them die slow and horrible deaths...

Luckily they were able to help me kill one and lower the 2nd's health enough so I was able to survive. That one is a b!tch by yourself though. I had been trying offline and it is impossible (except for that glitch which I had never heard of, I guess).

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Jason1432916d ago

wtf is this. Games been out forever man. We already know its the best rpg ever. stillnotbungie has no skill obviously.

spunnups2916d ago

game just came out in Europe I think

Fishy Fingers2916d ago

It's only just released in the UK, hence the review from a UK site.

ravinash2916d ago

Yep, My copy is currently sitting in the post office. Will be going to get it first thing tomorrow.

Prcko2916d ago

this is european game man,so european sites reviewing the game atm

Newtype2916d ago

*European release

It's actually a Japanese game.

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