Hot shots Tennis: Get a Grip Review at CheatCC

CheatCC says, "Though the RPG gameplay can be a little tedious at some points (again, the innocuous narrative is silly, although the characters are cute and charming anyway) Get a Grip! is a great tennis title. I’m glad we’re finally getting to the point where the poor PSP is pumping out some really strong-looking titles—alongside the gorgeous Peace Walker, Get a Grip! is easily one of the lushest games I’ve seen on Sony’s portable in recent memory (although for completely different reasons). All the mischievous charm of the Hot Shots series has been crammed into this one, too, with all the goofy costumes and accessories you could want (alongside some annoyingly prominent Adidas product placement) and reactive courts (balloons pop, people and umpires fall down or react to being hit with a stray ball, fireworks go off). Prior tennis knowledge aside, if you like Hot Shots Tennis, this one’s an ace."

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remanutd552920d ago

nice , i've tried the E3 demo and man i was hooked , im getting it this week for sure