The Best Cosplayer Ever?

The SWANTONMASTER Team go over who they think is The Best Cosplayer Ever.


Update: Added Dark Magician Girl comparison.

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Excalibur2767d ago

I'm mean Likable, I'm mean...... :)

oliverasadi2767d ago

LOL Squrtile squirt much?

Neo Nugget2765d ago


Errrr.... WARTORTLE!

OneSneakyMofo2765d ago

I'd blastoise all over her jigglypuff.

dredgewalker2765d ago

Im gonna wigglytuff in her jigglypuff.

Shane Kim2765d ago

Lol Sneaky. This is why I love N4G. Filled with gold ;D

sikbeta2764d ago

Boo Derek Boo....

Don't Ruin the Fun dude :P

evrfighter2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

massive c-block derek...

HSx92764d ago

all I can say is "boobie bang" (keeping it at N4Gs standards)

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knightdarkbox2766d ago

I don't want to be rude on anything but, there are definitely pathetic American cosplays.

Western Cosplayers Stop Ruining Our Anime Characters..

lpfisher2765d ago

Dude... they've ruined nothing but a pair of my boxers. It's ok.

ShinMaster2765d ago

There's an exception when it comes to American cosplayers.

And THIS is definitely one of them. As long as they're pleasant in the eyes, they're more than welcome.

yoko_littner2764d ago

Its not the same images, it's from the set, but not the same. Therer is also a gallery of over 90+ Pics of her.....

swice2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Bubble for you zuner

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wicko2765d ago

Eastern commenters stop ruining our english language.

Seriously though, the only thing wrong with those pictures is that she's wearing too much.

dredgewalker2765d ago

At least we understand and speak your language, can you speak ours?

greatjimbo782765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

"Ours" What, is there one language for the whole of East Asia now? You don't specify what language you're referring to.

greatjimbo782765d ago

What! How can anyone disagree with what I've written. Some of you clearly don't understand what disagree means. I've not said anything that you agree, or disagree with. All I did was ask a question about what language they meant, mainly because I can speak a couple of Japanese-Ryukyuan dialects.

wicko2764d ago

Even though I said "seriously though" at the end, some people didn't realize I was joking.

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lordgodalming2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

I think they must mean "best" in terms of "most similar to photos from Playboy" rather than actually looking like the characters they're supposed to be.

@wicko: So do most Americans (Australians, Brits, Canadians, etc) who post here edit their posts like they would a term paper to preserve your delicate linguistic sensibility? Feel free to insult people's language skills when your Japanese/German/Spanish or whatever is better than their English.

Edit: Please don't come back with some tiresome garbage about how "this is America..." blah blah blah. Gaming is an international passtime, and better for it.

N4Flamers2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

The question is not does he know any other language, the question is does he make a lackluster attempt to use it?

Personally I know spanish and english, but I dont go on japanese boards trying to speak japanese.

I thought it was a funny comeback lets not take it so seriously. I happen to agree that this chick is probably one of the most fail cosplayers I've seen, but I still thought the joke was funny. Why doesnt anyone get on that jerks case when he stereotyped western cosplayers.

lordgodalming2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

"lackluster attempt"??

Really? The biggest problem in that guy's original post is that he said "rude on" instead of "rude about." Wicko forgot to capitalize the word "English." Hell, I misspelled "pastime." Again, this is a gaming forum, not a class for writing or citizenship.

Sorry, but making fun of someone else's ability to speak or use a second language isn't funny or cute. It's insulting and ignorant. May as well laugh at a kid who's learning to read for mispronouncing a long word.

If you think his opinion was pointless or offensive, take issue with that. Report him. But what's the point in being as much of a "jerk," in your words, as he was? Just gets everybody's dander up. And besides that, with the exception of that one Rikku girl, most western cosplayers ARE terrible. ;)

At least we can agree that the woman we're all ogling looks fine a bikini but is a lousy cosplayer.

wicko2764d ago

N4Flamers got it, I was joking. I was pointing out how stupid his comment was by making my own stupid comment. Don't be so sensitive, the world would be a better place if we didn't get all riled up by some silly jokes.

And I know plenty of people who speak english as a second language and I can tell you they would also find it pretty funny and come up with their own comebacks.

Garnett2765d ago

Cosplay are for nerds anyways, the same people who play 200 hour JRPG because they want to live in a fantasy world and marry fantasy people.

Kinda like The Guild, the bald guy who lives in his van.

Focker4202765d ago

Sooo you don't like women dressed in skimpy outfits?! I guess thats only for nerds right?

dredgewalker2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Way to generalize people without knowing them. Most people say that gaming is also for nerds, so would you agree with them?

sikbeta2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Double Post


pustulio2764d ago

So sad people think she's ugly or stupid or something bad because her costume is not perfect.

I can't explain how SAD is people that say that.

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Tony-A2766d ago

She has a very nice set of..... ermm...... eyes. Yeah, eyes.

Why do I feel like there's been a sudden burst of sexy females on this site? It's like Boobs4Gamers now.

yoko_littner2764d ago

...Its not the same images, it's from the set, but not the same. Therer is also a gallery of over 90+ Pics of her.....

MGRogue20172765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Arrggghhh.... I don't know which one to choose.. The Pikachu girl or the Dragonair one.. :(

They both looks so tasty >.<

Can I haz both?? :P


This is a good Edition:

This is a bizarre Edition of Sailor Moon:

hatchimatchi2765d ago

One of the few times where american cosplay doesn't disappoint. She'll be the next Jessica Chobot.