Steam 'Perils of Summer' Sale: Insane June 25th deals

Ex: Yesterday, Valve kicked off a 10 day "Perils of Summer" sale on Steam, combining a mix of persistent discounts and 'fire sale' style single-day offerings. Typically, these types of sales on Steam are enough to cause gamers' money to practically leap out of their wallets, and this one is no exception.

Today, beginning at 1pm EST/10am PST, Steam is presenting a new batch of "1 day only" temptations. Here's what's on offer for the next 24 hours.

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eggbert3096d ago


Ghostbusters is $5

Resident Evil 5 is $12.50

Serious Sam HD double pack - $7.50

Lead and Gold Gangs of the West - $5.10

Someone gift me ANYTHING

Steam id - yokumashu

Pwetty pweese?

Blacktric3095d ago

I was going to buy Bioshock 2 and Killing Floor but waited just in case for more awesome games' prices to drop. Today I want to buy Episodes From Liberty City, Resident Evil 5 and AvP 2000 Classic but I think I'm gonna pass everything except AvP again. I already played EFLC on 360 and I'm going to buy RE 5 Gold when PS Move comes out so I'm gonna pass those two and wait for tomorrow's deals.

BakedGoods3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Man, AvP is $1.50. That's INSANE.

@eggbert : Why are you begging for games dude? Not cool. Go flip burgers or something.

pangitkqb3095d ago

for $7. Gotta love the Steam summer sale.

Pandamobile3096d ago


evrfighter3096d ago

I just dropped all my extra cash on tires for my truck the NIGHT before the perils of summer sale hit.

Now I get to look at the $5 and less games till next week -_-

Letros3096d ago

Gonna have to get RE5 at $12.50 even though I've heard so many bad things.

Damn you Steam, Steam Deals are an addiction...

pangitkqb3095d ago

I have purchased 25 Steam games In the last 7 months, almost all of them when they have these sales. I'm a freakin' junkie :(

BattleAxe3095d ago

@ Letros, what kinds of problems have you heard about with RE5? I actually might download that one today.

rexus123453095d ago

Single player is not the best. No move&shoot and you have a zombie for a partner, literally from the lvl of AI prospective. Otherwise, ok game

Letros3095d ago

I've just heard that it's not like any other Resident Evil game, and the "no shoot and move" is annoying.

reluctant_gamer3096d ago

Omg...can't resist much longer

Chris_TC3095d ago

Resistance against Steam deals is futile. I've realized this a long time ago.

mcgrawgamer3096d ago

I'm really trying to hold off until I move and get my new house in order but steam is TORTURING ME!!! with good deals.

killyourfm3096d ago

You have to. You're compelled. Deals like this don't come along EVERY DAY. Oh wait, apparently they do through the 4th. Doh!

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