Hulu plans to charge, expand to devices: sources

Free video website Hulu plans to soon begin charging customers and is looking to expand its content to consumer devices like the Xbox and iPad, according to two sources, as the site's media owners experiment with platforms beyond an ad-supported TV model.

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EeJLP-2943d ago

Charge? haha. No thanks.

gtxgamer22943d ago

Kinda stupid for hulu to charge.. not that they ever made money anyways ( not that i would know ) . But seriously who would pay 10$ a month to watch television shows when you can just go on HULU on the computer? Seriously..Think before you want to have Monthly subscription models..

EeJLP-2943d ago

They might be talking about charging on your computer too... either way, about them making money. They have to be racking it in somehow with all the commercials they have on TV. Bare minimum they have the ads play while watching a show.