Their Orders Are To 'Make A Better Donkey Kong Country'

Kotaku: The man who created Donkey Kong had some specific advice for the people who are making the next Donkey Kong game: The gorilla better slap the ground properly.

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NYC_Gamer2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

hope we get some new gameplay

jaredhart2822d ago

We better. It's been a long time.

meganick2822d ago

I have complete faith in Retro Studios that they'll do a good job with this game. They worked on the three Metroid Prime games, and those turned out great.

ape0072822d ago

one thing, the atmosphere of DK, retro studios are soo talented but Im afraid that it don't work cause there's a huge difference between metriod prime world and dk world, let's just hope im wrong

Darkfocus2822d ago

the health bar and lack of kremlins are a bit concerning but it's Retro studios so I'm sure every thing will be fine.

ape0072822d ago

hope they nail it, especially in art, music and overall atmosphere, I just cannot describe how much I love the good ol DK snes games, look at my avatar


BillOreilly2822d ago

i watched trailer and it def lives up to the name brilliant

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The story is too old to be commented.