The radio ads of GTA IV

It's cheeky - and sometimes crude - humour has become an essential component of every Grand Theft Auto game, and thankfully the fourth instalment on Xbox 360 and PS3 is as gag-filled as ever. In CVG's recent demo they chuckled at plenty of GTA IV's infamous radio ads, and here's just a few of them they managed to capture on their notepad...

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HeavyweightInTheGame3950d ago

This should be great. The radio is one of the best part of the games imo.

ShiftyLookingCow3949d ago

agreed, nothing like GTA radio

ShiftyLookingCow3949d ago

my fav:
'Hey, when you're at El Dentes everyone's like family! A hyper, macho, food-obsessed, alcoholic family just like mine!'

El Dentes - we've got more of what you love and less of what you don't. Like more calories and fat, and a lot less taste and nutrients! That's why it's El Dentes! All the mama mia you can eat!

Dr Pepper3949d ago

lol, yeah that was the one I liked the best. This game is going to be awesome.

HeavyweightInTheGame3949d ago

Yessir this will be a fantastic game once again jam packed with fantastic humour. I hope its like gta3 as imo had the best radio.