GoS: FFXIV Metamorphosis Video

Soseki of Games on Smash writes: SE has released a new video showing the metamorphosis Final Fantasy XIV has gone through from Alpha to Beta. It’s clear that they have completely revamped the lighting and battle systems, while swapping out some textures completely and touching up other areas of the game.

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Legosz2802d ago

Wow. That is some nice improvement in graphics and gameplay!
I still think the combat is a bit too slow, once you grow stamina hungry it seems like you will have to be waiting for quite too long to use another attack, especially if it takes up like half the stamina bar. But looking great.

Mucudadada2802d ago

Ya, this is one of the biggest graphical changes I've ever seen from alpha to beta. Congrats on that Square. And ya, I'm still a tad worried about the combat, but we shall see.

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Tdmd2801d ago

As it is right now seams perfect to me. I must have it now!