More Unreal Tournament 3 Footage from Comic-Con

Princess_Die sent BeyondUnreal three more shaky-cam videos from Comic-Con. Aside from plenty more DM footage, we also see the sniper rifle firing in first-person view for the first time.

Higher quality version of the embedded videos are available at the source.

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bung tickler3921d ago

so these are all off the pc version, sounds like they are trying to push alienware stuff pretty hard.

PlayStation3603921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

I think Epic said gameplay is gonna slow down in the console versions. I really hope thats true. Atleast when your using the controller. One thing I wonder. If Epic does allow PS3 vs. PC matches, how is that gonna work out. I mean, with the PC gameplay running soo much faster. I hope they allow the player to change the speed. Like if PS3 players use a mouse/keyboard, they can choose to speed up gameplay as fast as the PC version. I'm sure using the controller at that speed would be rather difficult, IMHO.

IPlayGames3920d ago

Theres so much talk "consoles would get owned my pc." So i say bring it on. (oh its already been broughten. sorry)

Im a console player and welcome the challenge.

NRG3921d ago

No offense to consoles or console users, but console gameplay will be much slower if the player and others stick to the controller. Thumbsticks & buttons are always slow compared to mouse & keyboard.

Every Unreal game has shipped with mutator or setting that lets you select gamespeed from 50% to 200% too. I'm sure UT3 will too. It's changes everything and is just like slowing down or speeding up a movie. It can be done to any decimal you'd like in the game's command console in single player for ridiculously slow motion or extreme speeds. Heck, you'll probably get to do that in the console no problem for Gears of War for PC if you want.

Epic is emphasizing what they did in UT1 for UT3. The ability for anyone to pick up any gun in the map, grab a few frags and hopefully have fun doing it. The challenge is also trying to stay true to the game's more hardcore, arena-style fps fans and not just making it a noob spam fest. Marc Rein has emphasized this a long time ago.

PlayStation3603921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

I take no offense to that bro. Reason being, your absolutely right. I didn't really play much PC shooters, but a while back in college (video game class) we had to play some PC shooters (UT 2004). And man, there really is a big difference with mouse/keyboard vs. controller. Well, since I'm more familiar with the controller, and since I use a Mac (yeah I know, I know, no one here likes Mac-guys) I'm gonna get this game for my PS3. That's the reason I was curious about the game speed.

ShiftyLookingCow3921d ago

it is PC obviously, but these videos remind of Gears of War

TheMART3920d ago

The gameplay is fast, funny for some time. But I must say I like it the Gears way better. More strategical working together, hiding behind a rock and firing over it etc.

This has a large part of luck of running into something or not. Still looking foreward to see how they pulled of more with the Unreal 3 Engine though

felidae3920d ago

i also like gears gameplay more. but UT has it's own advantages.