Examiner: Hands-on with Top Gun

"The goal here was to recreate the nostalgia people feel for Top Gun," said producer Michael Paglione of Paramount Digital Entertainment. "So we contacted Jack to create a story for the game. It's more of a retelling, since the film spends a lot of time in Top Gun Academy. A majority of the game is set in the Indian Ocean." Featuring both single and multi-player modes, player's will have a plenty to navigate in the shoes of everyone's favorite pilot, Maverick. There's no volleyball matches in this title; its all about arcade and simulation air combat.

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CrAppleton2767d ago

I sure as hell hope this is better than the NES version

DaRockSays2767d ago

It better be easier to land on a ship this time!

Bits-N-Kibbles2767d ago

I was never able to land on the ship two times in a row. Back to duck hunt.

Neco5122767d ago

No, the NES version was great... until level 3.. does level 3 even exist??

Queasy2767d ago

I commend you on not using the words "Danger Zone" or "Need for Speed" anywhere in this preview.

greatjimbo782767d ago

You! You can be my wingman anytime!

Sorry, it had to be done.