Sucker Punch On Infamous 2

GameInformer: "We've featured a month's worth of Infamous 2 stories on the site on top of our cover story in the magazine, but there's no one better equipped to talk about the game than it's creators themselves. We had a chance to talk to game director Nate Fox and Sucker Punch manager/producer Brian Fleming about the game, and we brought our cameras along. Take a look below to hear the two discuss the upcoming adventure of Cole MacGrath."

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punisher992887d ago

This game have "Game Of The Year" written all over it.

Elimin82887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

While they're at it, why not remove that backpack! I mean he isn't a carrier anymore and doesn't carry anything, at least not in the first game.

Unless he uses it to carry his electric bolts or battery?

My 2cents....

TheAwesomessMan2887d ago

I personally agree with you on that and besides they are trying to achieve Uncharted 2's graphics. When you try to achieve those graphics, you are achieving GOTY status.

Menech2887d ago

If you spell game with an F and finish with a P game then its GOTY.

shadow27972887d ago

I believe he was trying to call it a flop, because, apparently, the 2 million the first one sold just weren't enough to warrant a sequel. Oh wait.

nickjkl2883d ago

i think he means fap because everyone is going to be jizzing over this game

Snakefist302887d ago

They r trying to achieve were no devlopers hav ever achieve an open world like GTA and grahics like uncharted 2.Now Tats EPIC!!!

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KingPin2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Cant wait for this game to come out! however im still not feeling the look of the new cole. :( sucker punch, make the old cole an unlockable character PLEEEEEEASE!!! i beg you.

pork_chop_express2887d ago

At first I thought it was good, by the time I had platinum it was one of the best of this generation for me great great game.

huzzaahh2887d ago

By the time I Platinum'd it, I hated it. I'm looking forward to the sequel though, since it'll hopefully fix all the things that annoyed the hell out of me in the first game.

colonel1792887d ago

They were serious when they said they would take the "Uncharted 2 route".
This game looks so improved from the first one, it seems the first one was on a different gen console.

It´s amazing how it looks. And I believe the story and the gameplay will be well polished too.

ABizzel12887d ago

They're not the only ones. Sony said they want all their sequels to have the same sort of evolution Uncharted 2 had from Uncharted 1, and All their sequels seem to have made a huge jump from the predecessors.

Infamous < Infamous 2
Killzone 2 < Killzone 3 (to a lesser extent since we haven't seen much, and graphically it's predecssor was amazing, but K3 looks just as good already and it's 8 months away from launch)

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