Final Fantasy Versus XIII HQ Famitsu Scans

Here are some high quality images take from new high quality Famitsu scans for the PS3-exclusive, Final Fantasy Vs XIII, images are about 1MB in size each.

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nickjkl2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

is their even a playable woman in this game because if its a sasage fest then idk

Brewski0072858d ago

If its a good game I dont think i'll mind.

But im sure the girl in the cutscene will most likely be playable. Theres always a mixed amount of characters.

Cloudberry2858d ago

Girl characters / Stella's playable would be nice.

If there would be a love story in this game, I just hoped it would be written well... : /

Legosz2858d ago

I won't mind, I mean it ill be understandable right? The women characters are all in the kitchen.

IrishAssa2858d ago

Stella is the women protaganist so she will more than likely be with Noctis at some point

Menech2858d ago Show
waterboy2858d ago

cause as far as i know none have been found yet by sony or ibm toshiba and sony developers of exclusives, and from a game like this looking like cg ingame, well if cell has limits then its about as high as hardware for games will go and no other platform can go higher than cells limit

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- Ghost of Sparta -2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

As far as we know, Noctis is the only playable character. The woman we've seen appears to be his love interest, and as for the rest of the guys, he grew up with them. You never had childhood friends growing up? I feel bad for you.

Why should they have a playable woman when the story is about Noctis and his royally fucked up life?

gaffyh2858d ago

Yeah it looks like a more mature version of Kingdom Hearts to me, in which you only really play as Sora. So it could be the same as that.

...damn I miss KH. :(

ABizzel12858d ago

There are 2 female characters we know about, well that we've seen. The woman with the blonde hair, and the girl who fights Noctis with a power similar to him.

She's shown at 0:39, 0:53, 1:10, 3:53 (best glimpse)

stuntman_mike2858d ago

@ghost of sparta:
Why should they have a playable woman when the story is about Noctis and his royally fucked up life?

you know him that well lol.

IrishAssa2858d ago

That women your mentioning is a man named white hooded man. He has long hair is all. It's not your fault for the mistake either, it is a Final Fantasy

Gue12858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Where is the other girl? All I see is the blonde one... But I did see the hooded dude, he's at 2:15

gaffyh2858d ago

What is that woman's name? I know this guy is Noctis, can't remember the woman's name...

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Odin7772858d ago

That's the deciding factor for you? ha ha

CryofSilence2858d ago

I think Stella will be playable at some points. The rest of the cast hasn't been revealed.

Hanif-8762858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

I'm glad that they took all the girls out. Also, do you masturbate to a video game female character? because why would you care if its a sausage fest. Therefore, its quite clear that its a male protagonist this time around because to me men are more badass!

evrfighter2858d ago

if they can change clothes all they'd need to do is add womens outfits without even having to change the characters. problem solved

twostep182858d ago

idc if its a all guy cast the 2 worst ff games consisted of mostly girls IMO

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blazBlue2858d ago

Still a PS3 exclusive. :)

Maybe the big announcment is that they'll probably be a demo.

R2D22858d ago

Why does'nt Square release this on the PC - I know a game like this would do good on that platform.

I am not a PC gameer -will be buying this for my PS3 so not hateing.

Newtype2858d ago

Because it would get pirated?

waterboy2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

photo realistic environment, cg looking stuff like this ingame pc cant, unless you have a super high end cg workstation AMD card or something

lol yes the gpus you pc fans hype up these days are not the godly visual makers you make the bystanders think that they are in comparison to ps3, the AMD cards with SUPER high end renderfarms from intel are what pixar and dreamworks use and the creators of avatar, the cards you pc gamers hype up will at best see great visuals from real life environments which isnt that hard

Newtype2858d ago

"AMD card"

raWfodog2858d ago

These page scans are okay but I want to see actual gameplay, even if it's off-camera.

N4BmpS2858d ago

This is completely and utterly off topic and I apologize but you're a big fan of Cold Case aren't you?

omimasum2858d ago

the real final fantasy with open world town

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3sq2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

I smell Romeo&Juliet plot/story. You heard it here first.

Edit: Is that you again, Bungie?

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