How Xbox 360's Live Gold Family Plan Could Be Free For You

Kotaku: When the Xbox Live Gold Family plan hits Xbox Live this November, you may not have to pay a penny to sign up, depending on how many existing paid accounts you have.

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beans2944d ago

I would rather pay to get my car detailed then pull up at Walmart and have the school kids do it for free. :o

seij5552944d ago

In other news, PSN is still free... for everyone... for as many accounts as you want!

jaredhart2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

old news @seij555.

no need to troll.

0oAngeluso02944d ago

So people are free to cause trouble, cheat, glitch and be annoying on numerous names. Also makes it nearly impossible to gauge how many actual users are on PSN. I know personally I have 10 PSNs and I use half of them to TK or cause trouble. Not really any chance of getting banned though.

BubblesDAVERAGE2944d ago

only if its opinion base....

OSU_Gamer2944d ago


In other news..more people are willing to pay for one service when a competing service is completely free...

Big Frank2944d ago

@osu gamer

In other news...retards still cant comprehend that people would be willing to pay a small amount for a better service.

OSU_Gamer2944d ago

lol Im not gonna call them retards, but that's what I was getting at

Big Frank2944d ago

Yeah you're right, thats for agreeing OSU! PS3 fans ARE retards for not understanding that paying for a better service is logical. A lot of people would be willing to pay a Live fee just for Cross chat. I mean what is this, the 1920s'? Only does everything? Balls!

ArmrdChaos2944d ago

You know...registering to these forums is free too. Just look at all the tools that decent people have to deal with on a daily basis.

Chaos692944d ago

"You know...registering to these forums is free too. Just look at all the tools that decent people have to deal with on a daily basis"

Can't be quoted enough.
This has nothing to do withe the PS3 and yet, here we go again.

AAACE52944d ago

I'm not trying to bash, but PSN has been free from the start! Fanboys here have went out of their way to point this out to everyone! Yet with it being free, you would think that almost every Ps3 owner would have the service, yet that is not the case!

In short... We all know PSN is free! You don't have to keep saying it!

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Neo Nugget2944d ago

MS+free=does not compute.

ElitaStorm2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Microsoft will never give you something for free...they just wanna make you happy and buy the Kinetic

ElitaStorm2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Kinetic is a playstation game works with eye-toy, hope you know what i mean^^

0oAngeluso02944d ago

It's good news. With Kinect coming out and some family friendly and casual games coming out, it's nice to give people some freebies.
Though in all honesty your first month of XBL is always free anyway.

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