StarCraft 2 Cross-Region Multiplayer Confirmed

There has been several mentions of adding and/or excluding cross-region multiplayer features on recently. First there was of course's interview with Frank Pearce that has received massive attention from around the globe, and now Blizzard has turned around saying there WILL be a possibility for friends to play each other without buying multiple boxes.

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Xulfxulf2825d ago

Blizzard's very good at promising cool stuff after the launch. Whether it actually arrives... yeah.

Fyzzu2825d ago

Whether it actually arrives before Starcraft 3, anyway :)

Djorgo2825d ago

Yeah, but this is a feature that old already has! :P

theCHUNK2825d ago

Yay! Bnet 2.0 is now almost as good as Bnet 1.0 was.

Cogo2825d ago

Finally some good news.

Now we're jus tawaiting non-corporate LAN as well! :)

Fyzzu2825d ago

Thank God. As long as they match the functionality of the original game - where, if I remember rightly, you could choose which region you wanted to play on at any given time (or possibly once per account, but you could have more than one account per CD key?) - I'm happy.

Leord2825d ago

That sounds like the current plan.

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The story is too old to be commented.