Ripped from the Headlines: Social Issues in Video Games

Opinion piece wondering if popular video games will ever be able to address social issues effectively.

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killyourfm2890d ago

Now this looks like actual video game journalism. kudos to you.

leftybrown2890d ago

Well kudos to Tylor. He's been adding some great retro gaming and opinion pieces at The Married Gamers.

iceman062889d ago

I can appreciate any developer stepping out and trying to include real world issues in the context of a gaming scenario. Not every game can or should be Mario Sunshine. Plus, just because a game touches on a subject or a theme that might be a bit heavy does not make it a drag to play. If I think about it in terms of movies or music, it is clear that there should be room for a variety of experiences in video gaming. This industry is still somewhat an infant in comparison to other forms of entertainment. So, there will be growing pains. Ultimately, I would hope that it does continue to expand in terms of themes, plots, storytelling, and play.

TheSleepyGamer2889d ago

That was a great article but I don't entirely agree with using gaming as a way of dealing with issues in the real world. For me videogames have always been about escapism, being someone else, living a different life and having fun.

I don't really want to play a videogame and experience or deal with problems that I could see on the news because then what would be the point of having that game? I'm not saying that it would be a terrible idea and it may help in some ways but for me it all seems pointless.