GameZone's Higher Ground - 3D Dot Game Heroes Super Mega Guide Edition

GameZone's Luke K.Wing shares his tips and tricks for 3D Dot Game Heroes, including Boss strategies, item locations, sidequests, and Hero weapons. What are you waiting for, go for the Higher Ground.

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Caspel2670d ago

I have a choice: Heavy Rain or 3D Dot Game Heroes. Which should I buy?

Azule612670d ago 3D dot game heroes. Its cheaper and you get more bang for your buck.

rezznik2670d ago

Heavy's an awesome cinematic/gaming landmark. Even if the story wasn't as engaging as it could/should have been. Or you can just get 3D Dot Game Heroes right now and wait for the move-compatible patch for Heavy Rain. Choices, choices...

Azule612670d ago

Awesome video for 3D dot game heroes. Very helpful and informative :)

athmaus2670d ago

never heard of this game before...thx!

mistermostyn2670d ago

Heard good things about this, may have to seek it out.

kimvidard2668d ago

There, I have decided, I'm never going to play that game.