ShockCast Episode 19 - How Microsoft Lost E3 (Feat. HipHopGamer)

Two week’s ago we gave you ShockCast Episode 18, which was our inaugural Pre E3-Extravaganza Show. We had Torrance Davis from on hand for the festivities. Now that E3 is over and the dust has settled, this week’s show is all about the winners (Nintendo and Sony) as well as the biggest loser – none other than the wannabe new king of casual gaming – Microsoft. Everyone’s favorite Hiphopgamer comes on to lend a hand as we try to uncover whether Nintendo and Sony were that good, or was Microsofts showing just that bad? Al discusses his love affair of Zipper Interactive, Socom 4 and the Playstation Move. We also touch on our high points and low points of the week, and Hiphop gives us a sneak peak for this week’s upcoming HiphopGamerShow. Here’s a hint: Bungie Studios and HHG are now BFF. Guess you’ll have to listen to the show to find out just how that happened.

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iiprotocolii2825d ago

I personally feel that Nintendo took the show. They brought forward all their classic franchises (Zelda, Metroid, Kerby, Donkey Kong) *and* a new handheld, which we were expecting. I think, even for the hardcore, they pretty much appealed to all plateaus of gamers.

JoelT2825d ago

on one hand you had Sony who should proof that motion CAN be for the hardcore. Then on the other hand you have nintendo with new hardware, Zelda, and Kid Icarus making me feel like a kid again.

palaeomerus2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Sony didn't prove much of anything. Nintendo already had hardcore games for the Wii that used motion control. "Hardcore" generlly means games that only regular "dedicated" gamers will play it. It doesn't mean "grey and gritty" or "highly detailed realism". Sony's game selection was very good (if already revealed) but their Move lineup looked pretty lame mostly bolstered by games that support Move but don't need it. Sony's 3D effort is expensive, fragile, and cumbersome. Sony virtually ignored their portable. That's why Nintendo was the big winner. They threw out some good upcoming Wii games and showed us 3DS which is a NON cumbersome 3d portable with some gadgety features like 3d pictures that also plays DS and DSi games. That is win.

MS screwed gamers and chased the casual market. They appear to have succeeded at what they intended to do but gamers like me will have to find a way to be content with Gears 3 and Halo: Reach as our table scraps while the real meal is served to the casual newcomers. Which sucks. MS probably achieved their major goal which was to show Kinect to normal people and convince retailers that normal people would want it so the retailers would order it.

E3 is mainly about the press(not just the gaming enthusiast oriented press), retailers/distributors, hardware makers talking to software publishers to make deals about what they'll make in the future, and only very slightly is it a show for gamers to watch to get excited about what's next. It's mostly a pure business event. Now we as gamers take it seriously but it's not put on for us. We really don't matter much in deciding who won and lost. Making "US" happy is a very low priority for the participants of E3.

Games4M - Rob2825d ago

I wouldnt say Sony ignored their handheld seeing as they dedicated a complete section to it and showed off some impressive psp titles - persona 3, VC2, GOW:GOS etc

palaeomerus2825d ago

I said "virtually" ignored. What they announced for it was minimal.

Persona 3 is a port of a PS2 game. Whoop-di-doo.

Valkyria Chronicles 2 was not an announcement. It's been known about for quite a while.(I think I first heard about shortly after VC came out in the US. And it's a Sega game.

Another God of War game on the PSP isn;t the same as another God of War game on the PS3. Just like Killzone: Liberation and Resistance: Retribution aren't the same as Killzone 3 or Resistance 3 in terms of their impact.

That's pretty weak stuff as far as I'm concerned. No word about PSP2, or a new version of PSP. Little talk about pushing was 'virtually' ignored in my book.

Hitman07692824d ago


Maybe you should have attended some fictional E3 which doesn't exist because clearly the biggest and best the gaming world allowed you to see was not good enough for you.

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Lifendz2825d ago

but I can't give the "won E3" crown to them. Just feels wrong to give them a pass after flat out showing nothing the past two years.

taz80802825d ago

Move intigration with SOCOM 4 is great and makes me a believer in motion controls. Kinect still has a lot to prove for the hardcore gamer, Star Wars is good but they will need much more.

palaeomerus2825d ago

For me, as a hardcore gamer, what's proven is the Dualshock 3. I don't need move for hardcore games and don't much want it for casual games. Having lots of things to keep charged sounds awful.

At least Kinect sounds like it's one thing that stays plugged in. Though I don't see any reason to want it apart from fooling around with the dashboard. $150 (if true) is a bum price that means slow (or very small) adoption unless they do it as a free pack-in in their 360-Neo bundles. Low adoption means reduced third party (and probably first party) development. Or total abandonment.

Both of them seem to suck to me.

Hitman07692824d ago

You seem to just judge things on a whim. I actually played both Socom 4 and Killzone 3 and anybody who has two eyeballs should at least marginally enjoy the titles.

MOVE is beyond Kinect and Wii-motes people.

Games4M - Rob2825d ago

Microsoft lost the show by having a conference that sucked massive ass.

I was literally cringeing while watching those two airheaded bitches pretend to have a sisterly video chat - something ive been able to do on my PS3 since launch btw.

JoelT2825d ago

Speaking of being able to do since launch, hasn't the Eyetoy had all of the Kinect ability all along?

Games4M - Rob2825d ago

Well Kinect is clearly a superior piece of tech to the pseye/eyetoy. The point is that based on what MS showed at E3 does all those fancy camera's and sensors make for a new improved controller free experience ?

For me its a no, what i saw was tragic and i felt embarrassed for the MS guys trying to convince us that this was something awesome.

Hitman07692824d ago

Superior? MAybe.

Doing the same exact things? Yes:

Jack Klugman2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Yeah and Sony is not being a wannabe at all.. I mean the Move controller is so fresh, I've never seen anything like it before. WTFE

What's the name of the PS3 controller? Ahh yes the site makes sense and then you have king Sony fanboy HHG. I'm sure this will be a match made in Sony fanboy heaven.. Now we have 2 winners at E3 because bias won't let you declare Nintendo the winner. You can't even hide your fanboy bias in the article description.

JoelT2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

not listening to the podcast is just as bad as quickly skimming through the title and subsequent description. If you would LISTEN to it you would realize that Nintendo was the winner at E3.

Maybe if you did more reading and listening and then come back with thorough and conclusive responses people wouldn't disagree with you so much and you would have more bubbles.

Instead of labeling it a bias fansite, maybe you should read where their name comes from.

As far as HHG concerned, during the show he plugs this week's episode in which he plays Halo: Reach with Bungie. You know, the same Halo that's exclusive to Microsoft.

palaeomerus2825d ago

Cool. Maybe Bungie can explain to him how the assault rifle works.

See Warzone #88 on

He seemed to be having a lot of trouble with the Beta.


Nike2825d ago

When you know somebody's only conclusive evidence for saying a site is "biased" towards a console is the site name. I don't like HHG either, but it's because of his generally flamebait mentality (and aside from his stupid headlines, even he's beginning to show some improvement).

If you're going to call out any one about bias, direct your attention to sites like GamesThirst, MaxConsole, NowGamer, Ironstar Movement and GoFanboy. They blatantly flip flop about, praising one company and flaming the next before doing a switcharoo the next day.

And before you go calling me a Sony fanboy, just know that I used to be DualShockers' most vehement hater before I started talking to them and reading more of their articles. Console alleigance has nothing to do with my support for them, and your hatred or passion towards a company is a bad justification for calling them out.

JoelT2825d ago

lol, most vehement hater would be an understatement. It's good to have you on our side!

iiprotocolii2825d ago

Well said. Some folks don't bother reading or hearing us out simply because they *believe* we're biased because of our name, which has absolutely nothing to do with allegiance to a console. Some people just can't see past a name and look toward the content. In this sense, they're hypocritically one-dimensional with how they perceive consoles (aka fanboys).

I really hate even wasting my time pointing things like this out. It would be awesome if, for once, a discussion was held on here that didn't have anything to do with a topic name, site name or speculative discrepancies - but more what's really being talked about. But, then again, you have sites like you just mentioned who perpetuate this kind of behavior.

R2D22825d ago

This has been posted 50 times already.

Nike2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

And you didn't go telling this to the 49 other sites because...?

E3 was just last week. Perfectly legit, even if it does feature HHG.

R2D22825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

But I have seen at least 5 articles about how MS LOST E3.

The article is legit but just sick of seeing the same news on N4G. The heading could have said How Nintendo won E3 and I would have said the same thing.

I have nothing against HHG - I dont watch his shows but from the little that I have seen I can see that he enjoys gaming but wants to compete with the big sites, hence the reason for his over the top headings. I am not saying this is the way to do it but 95% of gaming site goal is to get hits which equals adverts which equals $.

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