Dead Rising 2 Creator Will Make Your Life A Little Easier

Kotaku says: The scariest element of the original Dead Rising video game wasn't the oil slick of zombies flooding the game's vast shopping mall. It was the game's save system. Series creator Keiji Inafune has heard the screams. The sequel is different.

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MGRogue20172764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I'm very pleased about this.. Dead Rising 1 was so difficult.. It's the reason I got rid of it lol

I loved the idea of running about in a shopping mall full of zombies but I hated that vehicle that drives around in the mall's gardens with a bunch of dude's shooting at you.. I always died there.. so I just gave up & traded in the game :(

T9X692764d ago

You should go out and pick it back up again, once you kill those guys I'm pretty sure they don't respawn. The game is fucking awesome for how old it is, and very fun as well once you get even further in the game. Can't wait for the second one, the last half of 2010 has some pretty damn amazing games coming out.

MRHARDON2764d ago

I just bought Dead rising about 3 daysa ago and dawm! Im enjoying it yet its very hard. The convicts DO respawn everyday so once I killed them at 10 pm and 10 mintues later they respawned (12 pm.....the next day) I never knew that so I got some survivors and went though the park, then I died, I got f'in mad.

Rocket Sauce2764d ago

Take the machine gun off the back of the jeep, then shoot the jeep til it starts smoking - they won't come back after that.

Perjoss2764d ago

dead rising was quite hard on the first playthrough, your character is low level, he has a small health bar and only knows a few combat moves. Also you will not know where any of the nice weapons or health raising item are. But there was nothing wrong with the save system, seriously, a toilet was never more than 3 mins away, if you forget to save thats not really the games fault.

Gamers these days just want everything easy, if they have to replay 2 mins of a level they complain. I say bring on more hardcore games like Demon's Souls etc!

HolyOrangeCows2764d ago

"will let players save their progress in multiple save slots"


Jack Klugman2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

This is another reason to hate this game it's going to be dumb downed for people who can't handle a little challenge. The save system and time clocks are what made Dead Rising a great game. If people want to run around beating up zombies mindlessly with no skill go pick up one of the arcade zombie games on XBL.

EDIT: Okay, it sounds like they are trying to keep some of the old save system in place and thankfully they aren't doing some auto-save BS. I want this game to be brutally hard like the first.

Rocket Sauce2764d ago

I'm okay with it - the timer is still there and all that. It sounds like Dead Rising still has its balls intact.

I'm probably not going to use more than one save, but this will be nice if a friend comes over and wants to play from the beginning.

SSKILLZ2764d ago

Double Paddle chainsaw ftw ! :D

DuneBuggy2764d ago

The old save system was a double edged sword.I mean sure you had to start over,but you got to keep how strong your character had become.
Made the second,third..hell 10th time easier to run through!
I actually kinda liked it after getting used to it.