Games consoles have reached their 'upper limit', says Square Enix CEO

Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada has said that games consoles have "almost reached their upper limit" when it comes to advances in technology.

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Blacktric2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Lmao. He should join a circus or something. Idiot. Even Xbox 360's limit not fully reached yet let alone PS3's.

MitchGE2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Obviously, the PS3 has more potential left, with the best looking games on the market home to it, and the best looking games of the future coming only on it, but the 360 isn't maxed out either and is no slouch technically. The only console maxed out technically this gen is the Wii, and that's because it's last-gen hardware.

Though I will give FFXIII one thing: it is the best looking multiplatform game currently out. However, it can be topped, and games like Crysis 2, Dead Space 2, and Medal Of Honor say hello. Enslaved also looks to take this spot, and I have no doubt Insomniac's multiplatform title will push the boundaries.

Not to mention many PS3 exclusives - GOWIII, UC2, GTP/5, KZ2/3, InFamous 2, R&CFTOD/ACIT, Heavy Rain, MGS4... Need I go on? - look better than FFXIII does.

I have a feeling that with FFVersusXIII, Wada will not only eat his words, Nomura will shove them down his throat.

no_more_trolling2764d ago

read the article. he meant that you wont see much more powerful consoles in the future. like a big leap in tech

nowhere he was singling out any consoles at all.

just the tech, people
just the tech
this sums up n4g on a whole. idiots who don't read and jump down people's throat. and look real stupid after

raztad2764d ago

No need to freak out.

I'll quote it for you guys.

"What's inside the games consoles, like the CPUs, this has been quite advanced already today," said Wada-san speaking to, "but the biggest gap was seen a little more than ten years ago, when Sony came up with the PlayStation.

"Since then, so many things have already been added that I think it has almost reached the upper limit. No matter what they do, I don't think there can be any more added affect or significant impact with game consoles."

If you ask me Wada is saying they are happy with the current tech in consoles. Adding a more powerful tech wont change substantially the gameplay or add more to the experience.

iforgotmylogin2764d ago

its about time for the next gen
ps3 is chillin
wii could use a hd revamp
and 360 smh old hardware new box
similar to ds to dslite.

Blacktric2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

@mrnogood no_more_trolling

"I don't think there can be any more added affect or significant impact with game consoles"

Read this. Then talk. Stop trying to look intelligent without knowing what the f*ck you are talking about. He says that "most likely there will be no significant impact with game consoles." And I say go look Uncharted and then Uncharted 2. Go look Infamous then Infamous 2. Then talk like that again. They made a leap graphically on the same console. They can do better which means we will see more powerful or innovative hardware.

Menech2764d ago Show
barom2764d ago

Correction: Square Enix has reached their upper limits!

DaTruth2764d ago

I think they are gonna need new programming techniques if they want to advance games a lot more next gen. It will cost a billion dollars to develop a next gen game! We can't have programmers spending endless hours polishing up a high resolution crack in a wall!

Procedural programming is gonna have to take on a huge role in the future!

HammockGames2764d ago

The only thing they've topped out lately is their talent.

sikbeta2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

lol Says the Guy Running a Company that GIMP their Games for Multiplat Releases...

Unbelievable, SE as a Whole Need to Shut Up and Step Their Games Up....

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velcry2764d ago

-Bubbles to you.

How can I believe that consoles have hit their upper limit when your studio skips out on towns in FF13 because it would take too much time to create them?

You can't NOT do something because of your own commercial decisions, then say "oh in anycase the consoles have hit their upper limit."

R2D22764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

The man is speaking the truth - in the tech world anything over 3 years is old.

I am a console gamer but even I can say that 5 years should be the limite for every console.

Who would disagree with my comment. So your saying that the PS3 or 360 can run Crysis 1. I am not saying that games cant get any better looking on the PS3/360 but just not to the next level.

kneon2764d ago


I don't think you understood what he was getting at. He is saying that future consoles won't be much more powerful than todays consoles. Which is a load of crap if you ask me. We still have very few games running full [email protected] so there is still room for improvement even just looking at it in the very basic view.

N4g_null2764d ago

May this guy is getting at some thing else. Yet consoles have reached the upper limits?

Ok if you put an i7 with on die vector or gpu like extras with a gpu that can actualy do direct x level graphics in true hd then give us 8 gigs of ram with 2 gigs for the graphics and another set if general process units for ai, GUI, and phyics then we can talk about the upper level. Oh and solid state hd drives that have the bandwidth of system ram!

The problem I think he has is tunnel vision maybe their vision of high end has been maxed out yet he has no idea what we could not make this gen because of the limited specs. Ray tracing almost runs in realtime now!

Coming from a console developer his standards and view of tech is very limited. What is funny is all of these games could have been made in 2005 on pc hardware since you know that's where hd gaming got a lot of tech and ideas.

As long as the imagination races people will find ways to make the tools for it.

Some one needs to show this guy what direct x 11 can do or better yet just show him zbrush lol and what it can do.

Sure the hd console have a lot more optimizing they can do yet how far do you guys expect it to go, just wondering.

Before you jump to conclusion down load crytek and epics tools to see how a game is made. Then realize that most stuff made on the pc is not optimized at all. So that crap pc you have can maybe play almost every ps3 exclusive. I named that console because you guys treat like a mythical beast rather than understanding what is going on.

Right now Sony values quality even from a coding stand point yet ms is more like a pc devs it's all slash and burn. Brute force stuff.

On top of this Sony clearly has better artist than ms. I don't care how good an engine is you need a true artists to make it shine.

stonecold12764d ago

when gears 2 came out ps3 is getting started

DaTruth2764d ago

Yes, but programming for all that crap will be a bitch and a half! It takes almost five years to make a 20 hour game with decent graphics this gen and most of that PC hardware is just being used to push high resolutions and high AA, on games that are comparable to console games with no extra special gameplay mechanics or even more realistic looking people; although, the physics interactions are where that tech really shines!

New programming techniques will be necessary if we are gonna go much further next gen. So in a sense, Wada has a point

N4g_null2763d ago

Actualy it takes a little over 2 years to make a high end game. It takes 5 years to get it all running on down graded hardware. If you've ever seen some one use z brush on a perfessional level you know it does take that long to crank out the art. Look at how most of your ps3 exclusive sequels only take a year or three to bring out.

There isn't really a lot of magic in the programming. It's just no one wants to pay for high end game engine creation. So basicly the art will get better style wise but every one is in epic mode now.

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B-Real2062764d ago

Level 5 says hello. They will show you the way!

Chris3992764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

not what developers do (or in SE's case FAIL to do with the tech). And he's sort of right.

You mentioned Level 5, and after watching that "Another World" trailer yesterday, I was thinking to myself: "Can this actually be any prettier?"

And I'm sure that, while it could easily be pushing more polys or 16XAA or whatever, the effect would have been minimal, because it was already so visually stunning. There are aspects to a game aside from it's visual fidelity, and that's what we're talking about here.

Anyway, I don't care for Wada myself (he's a duplicitous, snake-oil salesman who only cares about the bottom line - he is a CEO after all), but that's what he's saying in the article, if anyone actually takes the time to read it.

GWAVE2764d ago

Riiiight. Because FF13 really pushed the boundaries of gaming hardware.

Oh puleeeze. Wada needs to be replaced. SE is the laughingstock of the gaming world.

Boody-Bandit2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

UC to UC2
KZ2 to KZ3
GTP to GT5
Infamous to Infamous 2
I can only imagine what Naughty Dog will squeeze out of the PS3 for Uncharted 3.

Please go away. If your company doesn't have the talent to streamline your code you only have yourselves to blame and not the hardware. Your company hasn't exactly set this generation a blaze. There are far better games than what you offer. Design a new engine or find better talent.

Blacktric2764d ago

I mean Infamous did released last year, in 2009 right? Because Infamous 2 makes it look like it released in 2007 or something. And yet this idiot talks about consoles reaching their limits.

KingPin2764d ago

Just because square enix has reached their upper limit, doesnt mean games consoles have! they make 1 ps3 exclusive and all of a sudden consoles are maxed out. please, gt5 devs says theirs still abit more left, uncharted devs saying the same thing.

Blaze9292764d ago

RAGE on Xbox 360 says otherwise.

Like Criterion said (or was it Infinity Ward), "if you are saying a console has reached it's max, you've simply just run out of ideas."

R2D22764d ago

Honest question do you think that Rage looks better that Crysis on maximum settings? The XBOX has been out for over a 3 year now and Rage is just coming to consoles. Crysis has been out from November 16, 2007 - thats a big cap in my books.

How long do you think its going to take to over take Rage in graphics after it has been released.

AridSpider2764d ago

I think his point is that a just last year, the same comments were being made about the Xbox 360 being at its limit then games like RAGE and Crysis 2 come out to push the boundaries even further just proving his quote about nothing is maxed out, it's just the development team has run out of ideas.

ImmortalLegend2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Games are not going to look that much better than they do currently. Sure there will be some tweaks here and there, but that's about it. I also want to point out something else. Quit acting like PS3 exclusives like Uncharted 2, KZ2, God Of War, are leaps and bounds better than anything we see on the 360. They do look slightly better, but it's amazing how much it's exaggerated when there really isn't that huge of a difference. Most games on both consoles are on par with each other like it or not. How do I know? Simple, I have both systems and have played all of the great games for them.

sikbeta2764d ago

Did you said Slightly? Do you have a PS3? I'm asking Seriously, I only see New Exclusives on PS3 that Outdo the Previous Games and that's not something "slightly"

iforgotmylogin2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Hes right as hell.
Basically in computer specs
Wii= Dual core pentium 4
360= over clocked mid tier quad core.
ps3= i7 975 .

Graphics and limits can get better once hardware improves
smh 6-7 year console cycles dont cut it
do any of you still have windows 98 or 2000?
Maybe even windows xp sp2.

Devs are lazy
dont wanna put in time

Studios that take time to show good graphics make good looking games which lead graphics tiers on the console.
GOWIII/Uncharted 2
Conduit 2 / super mario galaxy 2
No clue for 360 o.o.
crysis 2 on the pc

gtamike2764d ago

make a better engine then

zeeshan2764d ago

@above: You sir are an idiot!!

XactGamer2764d ago

LOL console fanboys have been playing the best their consoles have to offer and didn't even know it. Consoles reached their peak long time ago with UC and Gears. It's ok console fanboys because now Sony and MS will work on gameplay. The visuals of console aren't that bad, better than the Wii at least. Now only if MS and Sony could make games as fun as the Wii.

WLPowell2764d ago

how come MS and Sony average higher critical reception than Nintendo? yeah you keep playing the games of yesteryear that I got bored with, I'll play the games of today that are good.

Daver2764d ago

certainly not with their games...

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cobraagent2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Shut The **** Up
Nomura should be the CEO of Square Enix!!!
Who is with me?

Godmars2902764d ago

That plan will probably involve ninjas and blackmail. No matter how good it is.

Barbapapa2764d ago

wada is in the same boat as the RE5 producer jun takeuchi, always casting blame on something else to make them look good.

Nitrowolf22764d ago

or at least someone who isn't as greedy as he is
Bobby Kotick = Wada
i bet they are twins

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32764d ago

Blame the engines not the consoles.

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BeaArthur2764d ago

I think Rage disproved that theory.

IRetrouk2764d ago

not really, both the official xbox and playstation magazine ran previews of rage and guess what, both mags had the exact same pics of the game, no diffrences whatsoever so to me that means that they are either pc shots or bullshots.

BeaArthur2764d ago

I meant that it pushes the 360 unlike any other game yet, so if the 360 hasn't reached its "upper limit" that the PS3 hasn't either.

Nihilism2764d ago

D.E.N.I.A.L... it suits you.

nickjkl2764d ago

ill see it when it comes out alot of people can say this pushed the 360 beyond its limits until it comes out and everyone ignores it like alan wake

IRetrouk2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

what am i in denial about? all i said was that both mags ran the same pics of the game, i wasnt slaging the xbox or playstation i own both mate, i have 72000 gamerscore, not sure how many trophies i have, but i am realistic and when i see both mags with the exact same pictures in them it worries me that the game isnt as good as they have said.

@BeaArthur understood wasnt trying to come off as typical troll was just trying to point out what i saw.

@Kurylo3d you are full of it mate the 360 is just not as powerfull, killzone was made posible because of the cell as well as the atists, if that was the case halo reach would blow kilzone 3 out of the water but it isnt even up to killzone 2 standard, you just need to accept that the xbox just isnt as powerfull, there no problem with that, does it make me enjoy my 360 any less? no. and the 360 canot handle higher textures, the ps3 is leading in that area, the xbox isnt even a proper hd console, love my 360 but hate fans like you that talk crap all the time just to get a rise out of peps, i am a gamer and know which console is the most powerfull.

BeaArthur2764d ago

I didn't think you were trolling. I thought maybe you didn't understand the point I was making, so I thought I would clarify.

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